Your Hair Style and Anti-Aging

We’ve considered various ways to treat your hair to promote anti-aging.

Now let’s look at styles (mostly for women here) you can either take on or leave behind in your attempt to look younger, or at least not look old! We all know that ultimately, the state of health and vibe we give off energetically can be youthful no matter what our age. The trick with hair styles is to aid and abet that effort, not work against it. Here are a few current ideas, bearing in mind that trends come and go.

1) Funny Bun-

When creating an up do for a more formal occasion, or even just to keep your hair off your face, give a miss to the tight, sleeked back, pompous…or mature look. Instead, break up the hair line on your scalp by creating several strands of French braids flowing backwards towards your crown and sweep them up into a top-knot braid. The texture gives more of a youthful, playful feel.

2) Bye Bye Forehead Flips-

Off the forehead sculpted hair flips and behind-the-ear-tucks make you look like your mother- well, mine do, make me look like my mother, that is. No disrespect intended, but it’s time to move on…  So ditch the fifties look by changing up your part to the middle and letting your hair go free-flow. For some texture and cooperation you might need to add some gel or mousse and scrunch until dry for a rumpled look. You’re attempting to look naturally styled with this look, however, not totally messy bed-head.

3) Loosen the Reins-

In a similar vein, 1940’s glamour-look hair styles, while elegant, are aging. Instead of tightly controlled sculpted curls framing the face, try lightly blown straight hair that still has a bit of volume and caresses the face softly, but has been let out of its hair corset! You’ll both look and feel more approachable, and radiate youthfulness.

4) Adios Perfect Pageant Hair-

We’re making the move here from perfectly coiffed, curled and stiffened shoulder-length hair, the type that moves all in one movement and is often seen in pageants, to a carefree look. Ironically, this ‘natural look’ takes a bit of working up with dollops of mouse or gel run all through the hair. Twist a few strands into long mild curls, or use a large brush curling iron to install a light wave to the bottom of your hair as it drapes your shoulders. Rumple with your fingers for the final effect, and feel decades younger already!

5) Gamine Gambit-

A short, wispy gamine cut suits many older women well, as it hides hair loss, is easy to care for and tends to lift the face. The trick is to maintain the shape with regular cuts. Otherwise, the pixie style can make you look bedraggled, rather like an outdated hippie. Keep it washed and fresh, color your eyebrows, and show off a lovely pair of earrings and you’ll even walk with a spring in your step!

6) Two-Step Two-Tone-

Here’s a returning trend – turning single tone color into two-tone color. Not exactly highlights. Rather, either showing roots and lightening the down strands, or conversely, lightening the roots and fading into a darker tone from your ears down. It’s called ombre.

7) Beach Bombshell-

A perfectly shaped coif speaks of control and primness. Nothing wrong with that per se. But by taking the same style and building in a messy side part and running fingers through your hair to break apart the sleek exterior, all the sudden you look fun and fabulous! And ready for a romp on the beach – it’s party time!

Combining astute hair care and styling will keep age at bay and your look vibrant.

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