Words to the Wise – Yes, that’s YOU! Part 2

5. Humility – being humble doesn’t mean false groveling or feigned weakness, but coming from a perspective of gratitude, caring and service because you recognize we all share a common humanity. You can both shine your light and be humble at the same time when you operate from this perspective.

6. Altruism – while it is good to ‘look after one’s own’, it is also a high value to look after the ‘greater good’. Fairness, social justice, even wise punishment are elements of altruism. While certain codes of what is just or fair are in-built into certain legal, cultural or religious systems, love and compassion are universal and cultivated by each individual. Many of our world’s troubles would fall away if more of us looked through the eyes of altruism.

7. Patience – in our fast-paced world of instant gratification, patience may be perceived as a weakness. And, of course, emergencies may demand quick action. But as Thomas Edison once said, “Good things come to those who hustle while they wait.” Patience, whether with the time it takes to convert a prospect into a client, to manage hair treatments or styling, or waiting for hair loss to become hair growth, let alone the bigger issues we face in our modern world, can be cultivated. Developing mindfulness, starting with taking several simple slow, deep breaths of fresh air when feeling rushed or harried, will begin the process of centering and calming- both internally and externally. In such a state, it is much easier to be patient.

8. Dealing with Uncertainty – no escaping this issue in our world swirling with change. The trick is to gracefully handle the shifting required with change while still maintaining your personal (or organizational) values. So why not take time out right at the beginning of this new year to re-evaluate just what your inner values are? They will act like the rudder of stability on your ship of life. It’s also uplifting to recognize that the ability to deal with uncertainty and paradox is a key trait of creatives.  You might even consciously make bold changes, such as sporting a new hair style or color, just to show-off your flexibility, adaptability and spunk. Have some fun with expressing your creativity, and enjoy a jolly, festive and creative run into the new year!

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