Words to the Wise – Yes, That’s You! Here we are together on an informative blog called Hair Chatter. Chatter we do, and how fun it is! Yet this is the time of year when we start out with new resolutions and New Year merriment. When we consider how the year 2013 has gone and what we still have on our wish-list for the coming years or for our life, we often ask ourselves, as Alfie did, “What’s it all about?”

One of the character traits most people aspire to as we gain gray hair on our life journey is ‘Wisdom’. Yet we know that years, and gray hair alone, don’t make for a wise person. We all know many elders who might rather be called ‘wise guys’ for their perennial immaturity, and youngsters who exhibit a wise countenance beyond their years. So what is wisdom then, and does it address what life is all about? I’ve always said, in simple terms, that wisdom is gained when you reflect on your life experiences, turning raw knowledge into wise insights, or wisdom. Philosophers, who wax lyrical by dint of their profession, are more explicit. So here you have it, for a wise 2014, eight Pillars of Wisdom according to author Stephen S. Hall, enhanced for you by my commentary.

  1. Emotional Regulation – how are you at the art of coping, even on ‘bad hair days’? Building up a cushion of emotional resilience allows us to more gracefully handle the ups and downs of life’s journey, and be more accepting of circumstances and people we bump into along the way. We learn to ‘lean in’ to both the joys and pains of life that become our reservoir of memories forevermore.
  2. Knowing What’s Important – are you good at establishing value and making judgments, which means being discerning, not judgmental? Some hair styles or head coverings are more appropriate in certain environments than others, and making choices that respect what’s important to others doesn’t mean you give up your own values.
  3. Moral Reasoning – judging right from wrong, recognizing that culture and personal style often presents us with versions different from our own. Facial hair, baldness or hair length and styles represent different values to different people.
  4. Compassion – compassion is kindness and empathy in action and is considered a high spiritual value, precisely as it requires us to take loving actions for real, not just in theory. Compliments, kind deeds, or just being with someone in tough times can make all the difference. Not sure if someone’s baldness is due to illness or a style statement? It doesn’t matter. Be compassionate to all, and you win, too!
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