Donna Kim-Brand

Since it’s still early in the New Year, perhaps you and others are still seeking to set a definitive direction and key goals that will increase your chances of feeling successful in 2015. There are numerous ways to achieve this. One we are discussing is to discover WHY you do what you do on a deeper level. In other words, you almost can’t help yourself but to do things with this underlying intention. When you take action with this in mind, you simply feel more at ease with your true self, and your energy levels seem amplified.

In our last post we identified 4 possible WHY’s:

·        Contribute and Add Value

·        Build Trust in Relationships

·        Find a Better Way and Share It

·        Find the Right or Proven Way to Get Results

Here are a couple more to consider. Maybe you always find yourself Making Sense of Complex or Complicated Situations, for yourself and for others. Life is like a puzzle to you, and you always seem attracted to gathering more information, able to find the edges and fill in the missing pieces. Others are quite the opposite- they seek to Simplify and Reduce any situation to the fewest possible elements – only what is essential in their view.  Forget nuance here- just the elemental facts, please.

A similar WHY is to Clarify or Create Clarity, by way of making sure you are understood and others understand whatever is under discussion. You will repeatedly ask, “is this clear?” or “are we on the same page here?” Once clarity is assured, then you feel the process can continue.

A WHY of Mastery fits when someone seeks deep expertise in a topic, or even across several topics, always looking to find out more and think more deeply about subjects of interest.

Finally, in no particular order, is the WHY of Think Differently and Challenge the Status Quo. A person with this WHY consistently seeks alternative perspectives and options from the norm, both by way of taking an ‘out of the box’ viewpoint and to challenge traditional or existing approaches. They may be seen as contrarian, and may take on that prickly role intentionally or by default, but the motivation is usually to come up with more innovative or entrepreneurial ways to handle a situation.

To review these WHY’s:

·        Make Sense of the Complicated

·        Simplify

·        Clarify, making sure they are understood

·        Mastery

·        Think differently and Challenge the Status Quo

While there may be some overlap between WHY options mentioned, most people, when you ask yourself “what comes first”, do settle on one of these WHY’s as a propelling motivation for doing what they do. Another of the WHY’s might describe HOW they go about doing what they do.

In my case, I discovered that my main WHY is to Contribute and Add Value. When more than general efforts to make a difference are needed, more often than not I then offer Different Thinking. In fact, this specialty has become my life’s work as an expert in creativity and thinking skills. But the reason why I do even that is ultimately to contribute to optimal human life experiences and human evolution.

Try some of these WHY’s on for yourself and see if one fits you best. A next step is to consider the ways you act on your why, how you do what you do or the steps and process you repeat in delivering your why across a range of situations. Find ways to align HOW you do what you do with WHY you do it, and you will feel more personally and professionally empowered. When teams or work groups all take these steps with their respective WHY’s, performance, productivity and relationship dynamics are enhanced.

And who wouldn’t want some of that included in your New Year’s goals and resolutions? By definition, you are already well on your way to success.

Happy New Year 2015!

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