Donna Kim-Brand

Most of us wake up each day and roll into our daily routine- from exercise to showering to breakfast and heading to work, whether in our home office or hitting the road for the commute. Most people don’t give much thought to it, as our routine has become our habit. This unconscious approach applies to many other aspects of our life as well, including our daily work or activity habits. It’s only when something goes awry or changes that we pause to wonder why we do what we do.

The other big prompt to pay attention to how we spend out time is New Years, the annual resolution ritual now upon us when many folks review their year, set new goals and resolve to do things differently. Even then, few go so far as to question why we feel inclined do the exercise or choose what we choose as resolutions. We each want to feel more valued and successful, but aren’t sure how to connect the dots to make sure that happens.

So let me ask, WHY do you do what you do? I’m asking on a level of life purpose and feeling successful, not pure cause and effect. So if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to ‘hit the gym’ in order to lose 10 pounds, in order to fit into your clothes again…that is not exactly what I mean. I mean, you would choose to ‘hit the gym’ to get fit enough to live life more fully, enjoy activities with your kids or grand kids, sustain excellence at work, or fuel your ability to concentrate. A side benefit that feels good is fitting into your clothes again.

Once you are aware of WHY you do what you do on a deeper level, it’s easier to align your choices and activities with what is truly meaningful to you. Then, even though time passes and you continue to work hard, you are more likely to feel fulfilled and validated than when simply going through the motions. There is intention in your actions.

If your bigger WHY in life is to Contribute and Add Value, for example, you will likely make conscious choices to apply your skills, talents and efforts in worthwhile activities that you deem will make a difference. You’ll avoid the frivolous and meaningless.

Or perhaps you are a person for whom it is key to Build Trust in Relationships before you can move onto the business at hand? Then this is what ‘floats your boat’ and gives meaning and direction to actions you take, especially in developing interactions between people.

If your bigger WHY in life is to Find A Better Way and Share It, you will consciously seek helpful alternatives and let others know so their job or life becomes easier.

If your WHY in life is to Discover the Right Way, or proven methods that deliver results, you will diligently and doggedly seek such methods until you find them.

In each case, that is the excellence of you, being you, at a level of essence. Everyone benefits, especially when you can both live your own WHY and also appreciate that other people may approach life differently than you do. In fact, you need each other. So it is worth you taking the time to consider which of these WHY’s fits your inner drive. Or consider a few other possible options in our next post.

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