Donna Kim-Brand

The Energy of Appreciation

By the time March rolls around, many are tired of winter with the endless cold and dreary days, shoveling out from under snow or, if you live in a sunny climate, the endless flow of visitors escaping the freezing north by camping out at your house!

It’s time to shift the vibe and prepare for the joys of springtime! Do you remember from science class back in high school that ‘everything is energy’? Solid items vibrate at a slower rate than intangible things like our thoughts or feelings. According to scientists who measure these things, appreciation is the highest energy vibe we have access to. Yes, even higher than love.

The cool thing about appreciation is that by simply bringing it to mind you can instantly change how you feel and therefore, what you attract. You can more easily create what you want in your life by altering how you think and feel, and appreciation not only elevates you but those you direct your appreciation to and everyone in between who gets within range of your energy.

You can also apply appreciation to everything- people, of course, but also a sunny day, daffodils (even if they are at the grocery store), a good hair day, a great idea, a clean garage, gas in your car… you name it! You can drum up appreciation and reap the rewards for feeling those feelings!

In the same way as ‘deliberate practice’ helps you develop specific skills rapidly, ‘deliberate creation’ is the way to choose a thought that feels good, which changes your energetic vibration, which then impacts the situation you are attempting to create around you. Once you understand and implement this dynamic, you just set your emotional thermometer to the vibrational frequency of what you want to create and then allow it into your life. This works with staff members, as well as with your clients!

What would you like to create in your life this month? Good hair days? Satisfied old clients? Brand new clients? More referrals? New business opportunities? Bring the energy and vibration of appreciation into your thoughts, words, decisions and actions and notice what blooms around you. Even if it is March!

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