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Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends

Donna Kim-Brand Still looking for holiday hair inspiration? Look no further – here is part 2 of “Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends” Party Time Styles- ·        Hair down and dazzling with a shiny sheen, make a side part.  From the part down on each side, make a thin French braid that acts as a […]

Sparkling Originality with Holiday Hair Trends (part 1)

Donna Kim-Brand Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends Here’s the rub…  Most of us want to be trendy, leading the pack with what’s new and ‘hot’. But we don’t always easily embrace change. On top of that, if everyone follows a trend then does that just make us a copycat? Well, have no fear. Just […]

December 09 / 2014

Preventing Holiday Haircut Disasters

Donna Kim-Brand While I’m the first to encourage, even cajole, someone into trying something new and creative with their ‘look’ during the festive season, there’s a way to do it that mitigates against holiday hair disasters. Start with a good haircut, and that starts with a good stylist. Here’s the thing- regardless of how expensive […]