Donna Kim-Brand

Summer Makeover, Starring Your Hair!
Summer break, holiday or vacation provides for many, a few weeks or months when you don’t see your regular crowd. It’s a perfect time to jumpstart a makeover in various aspects of your life by learning new skills, a la ‘Baby’ in Dirty Dancing, by shifting your persona, a la ‘Sandy’ in the movie Grease, or by dramatically changing your hairstyle to reveal a new you, a la ‘Violet’ in The Incredibles.

You might consider a hairstyle makeover for a variety of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Your current style doesn’t match your evolved personality– Remember the daughter Violet in The Incredibles? Her super-power strength was ‘being invisible’, but when her hair hung over her face and nearly covered her eyes due to lack of confidence, she remained invisible to herself as well as others. She was the one in hiding. Once she acknowledged her competence and gained confidence, she pulled her hair off her face yet revealed the Super Power to become invisible on demand. Sometimes a cute bob gives off a sweet, conservative vibe, while an asymmetric cut or dramatic highlights sends the message of spunk and edginess. Update your style to match who you want to express now.
  • Your style no longer suits your new status, personal or professional – Whether you have moved from college kid to new mother or bohemian to boardroom, your hair style can either trap you in old behaviors or signal to you and the world that a ‘new you’ is on the scene.
  • Your hair is frizzy, frazzled and just plain tired out– time for revivification with special conditioning or likely a cut of some degree of severity.
  • Your stylist never asks what look you want anymore- the assumption is ‘more of the same’. This might be s sign to ‘mix it up a bit’… Even if you aren’t sure what look might jive with your head and face shape, hair texture and overall ‘look’, your stylist is sure to have some ideas they’d love to share with you. It doesn’t hurt to ask what they’d suggest, even if you have to build up confidence over time to try a new look .
  • You’ve changed your wardrobe but not your hair- this reason could be related to one or both of the first 2 situations above, but in any case, complete the look of a makeover from head to toe by including an update to your hair along with your hot new fashion statement. The statement you make will be all the more impactful.
  • Your morning styling routine takes forever- if you find yourself spending way too long, over 15- 20 minutes on a daily basis to get your do to cooperate, it may be that your cut or style simply doesn’t work with the natural texture or body of your hair. You might need to get a stylist who can ‘read’ the lines and layout of your hair and re-sculpt your look so you are working WITH your hair, and not against it.
  • Your hair and skin tone are so alike as to render you bland and invisible- Hair is a fabulous asset and beauty tool that can help you make a statement about who you are. No more fading into the woodwork as a wall-flower. Make some changes in your hair color or style to stand out and be a knockout! You can ease in with highlights or go bold by chalking your hair, which is a temporary change that still makes a statement.
  • Your hair hangs like a limp dishrag, your roots are a too obvious and you never receive any compliments on your looks anymore- I know from my own experience this signals the need for a good cut and styling, coloring and updating of the look. I also have friends who haven’t made a change since the 60’s by still sporting a bedraggled hippie look. So far I haven’t said anything, but I’m sure tempted to. Maybe I could send a photo with a suggested ‘good look’ for these friends? Or maybe it’s better to just stay silent and let their grown kids tell them it’s time to move on….
  • You’ve noticed your hair thinning gradually or you are experiencing dramatic hair loss for a variety of reasons- What better excuse to be bold in experimenting with some new styles of hair and accessorizing. This leaves you more in control of what impression you put forth to the world even if you might be feeling some anxiety with what’s going on with your hair. You might have heard this before, but the Chinese character for CHANGE is comprised of two characters- crisis and opportunity.  Why not make this time of change an opportunity to proudly step out anew?

Summer is simply a season, but it’s the season of HOT, and you can get away with trying out some dramatic new looks with your hair more easily than in other seasons. If you are away from your normal crowd or environment for weeks or months at a stretch, all the better.  You can be bolder with your choices and also know there’s time to grow your hairdo back to what is more comfortable to you (and others) before you go home.

I know that when I’m ready to go gray (not yet! I’m too much a red-head in spirit!), I will say goodbye to my color, boldly shave off all my hair and let it grow in naturally gray. Until the day of that makeover, I still want to have some fun shifting around my lengths, styles and color.

What makeover are you ready for?  In the ongoing saga that is YOUR life, why not be a provocative director and find ways to draw out the bold and the sublime in your hair performance. Lights, camera, ACTION!

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