Donna Kim-Brand

Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends

Here’s the rub…  Most of us want to be trendy, leading the pack with what’s new and ‘hot’. But we don’t always easily embrace change. On top of that, if everyone follows a trend then does that just make us a copycat? Well, have no fear. Just follow along and find out how to be both fashionable AND completely yourself!

First, you have to be, as they say (whomever THEY are!), in the know. So here’s the scoop on what’s creating a buzz and decking the halls and catwalks this holiday season.

Rush-job Styles-

Let’s start with the premise that clean, healthy hair is the best way to start with any of the following style suggestions. So prepare ahead if you can.

·        Should you be rushing from work to festivities or from one event to another and you find your hair looking limp and greasy, the best rule is to create a sleek-back look with either a festive headband, a ponytail held with ribbons and bling or a tight bun.

Simple Styles-

·        Add voluminizer or poof out hair with your dryer and let it hang down loosely. Take a swatch of top hair and pull back, with volume, and affix with a festive barrette at the crown of your head.

·        Buns are fun, and when you can sweep up your hair loosely to avoid the primness of a tight bun, they look elegantly easy. And, frankly, they are more comfortable for your scalp so you can focus on enjoying yourself out and about. If your hair length allows, pull out a few bangs or front hairs to drape sexily across your forehead.

·        Ponytails are the cure for most everything! Pull your hair back loosely into a low ponytail, with a side or middle part or straight back.  Use your fingers to make a center part in the middle of the pony tail above the band and flip the hanging hair up, over and through the parted space. Smooth out and you have a simple, elegant do, dance-floor ready!

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