Donna Kim-Brand

Still looking for holiday hair inspiration? Look no further – here is part 2 of “Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends”

Party Time Styles-

·        Hair down and dazzling with a shiny sheen, make a side part.  From the part down on each side, make a thin French braid that acts as a natural,  elegant decorative band which also functions to hold your hair out of your eyes so you can better see and be seen!

·        I grew up being primped with ringlets, and guess what? They are back in style! You can chose to sleep on curlers, or use bobby pins or rags to hold very slightly damp clean hair in place all night, making sure your hair is fully dry before you remove each curl. Or go with electric curlers or curling iron when you are fresh out of the shower and after drying your hair. The point is to make full length curls, whatever your hair length, that cascade down individually and swing seductively as you scan the party crowd for who you want to hang with….knowing others are seeking ways to be in your orb!

·        Add sizzle using both a pretty headband across your crown along with a bun of any style- top notch, low nape of neck or French twist. This style creates a double whammy for party flair.

Talk of the Town Styles-

·        All the rage this year are pulled back styles where the super intricate weave-work takes place behind your head! You can create layers of twists by pulling a handful of hair from each side and twisting then adding to the level below, pulling over and twisting more strands until gathering into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. For more glamor you can dot with sparking bobby pins or crystal twists spun down the length of your hair.

·        A similar look is created by pulling hair back and adding inter-woven braided hair extensions into a bun that hugs your head tightly or fans out for a more exotic, cosmic look.

·        And let’s not forget the sassy styles- most are asymmetric or side do’s. Part hair at a jaunty angle or with zigzags on the side, and sweep the lesser volume hair back, exposing your ear. You can choose to let your hair hang loose or pin at the nape of your neck. Now hang the most evocative or dazzling earring that your ear can handle (or which sets off your eyes or outfit). On the other side, allow hair to flow seductively or pull into a loose ponytail on that side. Cover your band with a few strands of hair so you don’t distract from your earring. Ooo-la-la! You are ready to party!

Ultimately, you are better off to try out some of these styles ahead of time to test which ones are manageable by yourself, which ones require some professional assistance from a stylist and most importantly, which ones feel comfortable and best reveal you as a natural stunner.  If you like a certain trendy style but it doesn’t quite suit your personality, face shape or party fashion, adapt it to make it uniquely yours. This way, you will truly be the belle of the ball, no glass slipper required!

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