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Sizzling Summer Scarf Styles – With or Without Hair

Scarves epitomize classiness, style and vintage glamor on actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Scarlett Johansson. Why is it my children tell me I look like either the ‘washer woman of Loxahatchee’ or ‘the flying nun’ when I attempt to dress my head with a scarf? It’s all in the folding, tucking and positioning of your head covering in relation to your hair and head, I suppose. There’s a knack to wearing scarves well, for sure, and so far I lack the knack!

Since scarves and variations like wraps and caftans are all the rage for summer head cover, let’s take a look at what options are available for women with hair loss as well as those who simply like to make a fashion statement or protect their tresses from the searing heat and summer sun. The benefits of using scarves and other head coverings include protection of your hair and scalp from summer’s invasive rays, disguising your hair loss temporarily, and expressing your religion or colorful personality with a range of styles, materials, patterns and colors of coverings. And they’re just fun to try out and wear!

You can find scarves constructed from all sorts of materials, but if possible, opt for natural fibers like cotton, silk, hemp or a blend. This way your scalp can breathe and you won’t sweat as much throughout the day. For highly vigorous activities like a workout or team sports, you might look for stretchy workout fabrics as they grip your head better during movement.

Some companies who specialize in head coverings sometimes provide a headband-like loop that acts to hold a wrap or scarf in place close to your hairline. That way, you can relax and express your femininity and sense of style without worrying about ‘wardrobe malfunction’. After all, once your head cover is in place, your next job is to wear it with pride…maybe even with swagger! So be on the lookout for this accessory.

I tend to find oodles of scarves available at outdoor markets, like the famous Portobello Market in London where I visited last month and actually did buy a scarf. You’ll find all sorts- from simple and plain to decorative and elegant, and usually at reasonable prices. You can also purchase original hand-crafted scarves off sites like or at art fairs, where artisans create one of a kind articles. These, of course, will be pricier. In between you will find all manner of head coverings in most department stores and other local superstores. You can choose a scarf to match an outfit or choose something that makes a statement on its own, whether casual or uber-elegant.

Do be aware of what may be involved if you need to remove your head covering at any point while out in public. How will your hair look underneath? Will your head cover work as effectively on wet hair if you have been swimming or at the spa? Do you know how to put it back in place? Is it easy enough to store meanwhile without getting all wrinkled or crimped? Will you need to change head covers as you shift from day wear to evening wear, and thus need to remember to bring your second piece along with you?

Long rectangular scarves tend to be easier to wrap around your head, but may not have enough fabric to gracefully cover your whole head. Large square scarves also work beautifully once you know how to tuck them in in a sort of head-cover origami. Easiest of all are pre-fabricated wraps or wraps with 2-3 steps to have them hugging your noggin like Queen Sheba.

YouTube tutorial videos are available using keywords like: how to wrap a head scarf or hijab, head wrap tutorials, 15 ways to wear a headscarf, fashion tips for hair loss- how to tie a head scarf, and so on. Check out this one here:

Or ask a sales rep in a store or at a market stall when you purchase a scarf, as they may know a variety of head wrapping styles, including which would complement your look. This would provide a no cost, low-stress opportunity for you to experiment with a range of fabrics and styles. Hmmm, that’s something I just might try myself this summer!

Let your choice of summer head coverings unite your sense of function and fashion, allowing you to strut your stuff while protecting your head and hair at the same time.

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