Donna Kim-Brand

Summer Shaving Tips for Women

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy; or so the old song goes. It fails to take into account how much maintenance is required for women to keep up a sleek ‘natural look’ in the summer.

Three main body areas tend to be the shaving focus for women in summer mode: legs, underarms and bikini line. Looking good, meaning hairless in this case, is the name of the game. The reality is, in order to show off your smooth, sleek skin (whatever your body size or shape, by the way), much more is required than a mere shave. In fact, the ritual of shaving is a great time to add an element of mindfulness to your weekly routine. Rather than approaching the task as just one more thing to cross off your list of things to do, why not look forward to this as a moment to pamper yourself; a time to tune in, appreciate your body and life. By choosing to stay mindful, rather than shifting into autopilot, not only will you be more careful with that very sharp object in your hand, but you will finish felling refreshed as well as refined!


Since direct summer sun parches the skin at a minimum, and burns it in the worst case scenarios, care of your skin – our largest human organ – is priority number one. Since shaving also exfoliates your skin, you can scruff off old dead skin cells in the process of getting rid of hair and stubble. You would be advised, however, to use a loofah pad or exfoliation gloves on your legs (and arms and face) before shaving, while your skin is ‘untouched’ by a razor. Then, slather shaving cream or soap all over the areas you want to depilate. Follow up with a close shave using a double or 5 blade razor to minimize knicks, in the direction against your hair flow for optimal results. Rather than long strokes, shave in shorter bursts and rinse your razor often to avoid the blades getting clogged with hair and cream.  Be especially careful around bony areas such as knees and ankles, where uneven contours can lead to knicks if you aren’t careful.

End your routine with cool water to close your pores.  Once out of the shower massage your legs with SPF moisturizing lotion or self tanning cream.  Your legs should end up glowing with the stimulation and deforestation.

A quick note – you could use depilatory creams to remove hair rather than shaving. The trick here is to minimize mess and find a brand with chemicals not so harsh as to cause a rash. Read labels, ask friends and experiment to find your best solution.


While Europeans may beg to differ, shaving off underarm hair is considered a sexy, sultry act for women exposing themselves in summer outfits (unlike for men, where trimming alone is best practice unless he’s a model). Obviously the skin in this area of your body is highly sensitive and the geography is varied. So approach shaving your armpits with care and mindfulness. Make sure you have sufficient lubricant to smooth the path for your razor, and ironically you will have a safer shave with a sharper razor. So you may want to do the deed under your arms with a virgin razor before heading for the nether regions of your body.

Be aware that unless you’ve chosen a brand on purpose for this, most deodorants and antiperspirants contain harsh chemicals that really sting on the surface of a fresh shave. So either wait a bit after shaving to apply your brand, or find one that doesn’t cause you this pain.

Bikini Line-

Talk about sensitive skin areas! You have both tender skin and folds between your legs and the pubic area, also making it hard to reach. The biggest recommendation here is to do your bikini or bathing suit leg-line shaving about 24 hours before you intend to go out in the sun. This is to allow time for the skin in the area to calm down after the assault by razor. (Some women get small red bumps where hair follicles were riled up or grazed with razor burn. These tend to disappear within a day.)

Additionally, since the hair in this area of the body is more course, I recommend you take a warm bath or shower to soften and plump up the hairs. Then make sure to add soap or shaving gel to smooth the path for the razor. When bringing in the razor, hold the skin tight and smooth, and take small strokes from the leg line towards your belly. For a clean – meaning hair-free – zone, you don’t need to go on a full invasion. Just clear out enough of the hair patch in the area to prevent ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ when you are in swim suits or otherwise skimpy or revealing summer clothing.

Ultimately, looking good includes feeling good. So as you partake in your regular summer shaving routines, why not add in relaxation with deep breathing and  paying close attention through mindfulness. You’ll set out to the beach, poolside or wherever you are headed feeling relaxed yet vibrant. You can carry these practices over to enjoying your time at your destination, whether quietly reading or sunbathing, or in conversation or activity with your companions. You’ll have the confidence of knowing you are looking sleek and radiant as you create new moments for your memory bank.

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