Donna Kim-Brand

As is the way the fashion world tends to work, what shows up in pre-season runway shows is a preview of the styles to come, in clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. So let’s take a peek at what hair is rockin’ the runway for fall season.

Go Low-

Gravity is winning out there, as back and side pony-tails are showing up as low hanging and even saggy and pouchy. In other words, let that hair hang loosely, even though swept into controlled masses. The whole feel shifts from prim and proper to easy yet sophisticated.

You can add in variety by splitting your hair in two sections and either twisting from the crown of your head down the back of your skull to the nape of your neck, afixing a tie, then sliding it down… or gathering the two split sections of hair and twirling at the nape of your neck, then adding your elastic tie and sliding it down.

Go Rawhide-

Leather is showing up big time this season, including in hair accessories. Use leather ties, clips or wrap rawhide straps to secure your pony-tails, sport the more casual leather headbands, or use leather covered barrettes. You are likely to find both natural and dyed versions in retail stores, but in muted autumn colors.

Go Sideways-

Whether in a pony-tail or hanging loose, style your hair with a deep side part. Your hair or bangs will then drape low across your forehead for a sultry look, or you can pull your hair off your face for the look of an ingenue. Either way, you can also tuck your hair behind your ears, a look that’s back, and popular, this season whether hair is cropped or flowing long.

Go Behind-

There are a couple of options with this pulled back look like the low pony-tail described above, or a casual tweak to the classic French twist with hair secured more loosely. The ease and messiness of this up-do gives off a cool, modern feel. You can also do a twist and spritz for a more professional urban style, a braid and twist for variety or even a series of bobby-pin curl-twists down the back of your head which will unwind by evening into a burst of light curls.

Go Atop-

Here’s a new look for autumn. A ‘knot’ perched on top of your head, but drastically forward, just above the hairline. This requires all the hair to be brushed up and forward, with a dramatic sense of flair. A half-hair knot or fully secured bun is more high glam while ends of your hair sticking out reek of creative ‘je ne sais crois’.

Go with the Flow-

Lots of style options here, fitting in with the trend towards a more casual look and feel. Some are self-explanatory.

  • Asymmetric blunt-cut bob
  • Scattered long layers on shoulder length cut
  • Flipped up 50’s look, tickling the shoulders
  • Bohemian waves of long hair, thick and textured (as if just let loose from a braid)
  • Rumpled waves atop and free-falling straight hair, or its opposite, straight hair atop your head then artificially crimped hair falling over your shoulders
  • Parts either clean-lined or messy, middle or to the side
  • Hair left to flow naturally, but tiny braids extending from above your ears adorning the back of your head- straight across the middle or draping towards the nape of your neck

All in all, you have many options, but the overall autumn trend is ‘loose’ and ‘easy’. So whether you are sporting a casual or more professional look with your hair this season, don’t over-engineer your tresses. Why not play around with some new looks and strut your stuff on your own life’s runway!

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