Donna Kim-Brand

Rich Colors lead the Charge!

It’s just around the corner- colorful autumn leaves, low lying sunlight and brisk evening breezes. Add in the nip of fresh, chilly air that prompts us to yank out our snuggy warm sweaters and fuzzy textured scarves.

And with it comes a new crop of rich, warm, fall hair colors and a return to the use of highlights. Tell me more, you say?


Well, have you heard the one about the two ‘brondes’?  Actually, you wouldn’t have.  Bronde takes the sexy stance associated with blonde and adds in the gravitas of bronze. This shade blends light brown with caramel and buttery hues that glisten in the autumn sunlight. Bronde even sounds yummy!

Rusted Copper-

As an auburn red myself, I’m often baffled by the multiplicity of shades of auburn lined up on the shelves – light, warm, medium, dark, rich….wow! The last color treatment I applied must have changed the formula because my auburn ended up bold and brassy, not quite the look I wanted or was used to.

The good news, in my view, is that the autumn trend is muted auburn for those who want a more subtle look, along with bright copper for you who prefer a dash of showy sunset pizzazz. Ooo la la!

Rich Chocolate-

Continuing our sensory feast of autumn hair colors, allow me to introduce deep, rich chocolate brown. Tending towards either blue-black or deep mahogony-brown, this shade picks up sultry, mysterious nuances that ooze mature sexiness. You will be taken seriously when strutting your stuff.

Moving into the trend back towards highlights, you have a few options.

Natural Roots-

Can you believe it? The current suggestion is for you to space more time between touch-up appointments, allowing your roots to show as a fashion statement. Not so sure I want to show off my gray just yet, but for most of you, go ahead and let it all hang out and let go of the guilt!

An alternative is to use lowlights on your roots with subtle highlights to the end few inches of your hair.

Full Highlights-

The wonder of full highlights is that it gives your 2-dimensional hair the illusion of being 3-dimensional. The magic is achieved by weaving in slightly brighter or lighter shades in thin strips of highlighting amidst your regular color.

You are best off letting a professional stylist assist you with this look for optimal effect.

Dark Highlights-

Owing to the autumn trend towards darker shades of hair, you can create yet another edgy look by easing in warm brown highlights which are scattered along the lower reaches of your hair, whatever your length.

Coloring your hair is either a regular aspect of your self-maintenance routine, or a new option you might be considering.  It won’t hurt to have a look at the rich color palette options now trending which could ease you into a new sense of self expression. New season, new look, and possibly a new phase of your life. Go ahead, take the leap and rock it!

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