Donna Kim-Brand

While I’m the first to encourage, even cajole, someone into trying something new and creative with their ‘look’ during the festive season, there’s a way to do it that mitigates against holiday hair disasters.

Start with a good haircut, and that starts with a good stylist. Here’s the thing- regardless of how expensive or renowned the salon, you often don’t know the skills and prowess of the individual stylists until you’ve seen an example of their work on someone else or yourself. I’ve known and experienced excellent stylists at the cut-rate salons and lousy ones at high end salons.

To find a good hair cut for you, you need a sense of what suits your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. Make full use of magazines which tend to have a wide range of articles on all aspects of holiday hair- from hair care to styling to accessories. Notice both the styles and face shapes of the models to see which might suit your own physiology and taste. In salons they also have stacks of books showing haircuts for short, medium and long hair. This helps you decide as much what you DON’T like as what you DO like. And the stylist is usually happy to have a clear steer from you as to your desires before they start working those scissors.

You also have to be realistic about your hair texture, whether it is color treated (if it affects your style), and how much time you are willing and able to daily grooming. It’s one thing to spend hours before special events, but another thing to have to do that every morning. And I noticed for myself that after certain life stage changes, and the hormone shifts that go along with them, my hair behaves differently.  So my preferred style just doesn’t look the same anymore because my hair has a mind of its own, spurting out in all directions. Bah humbug!

Next, before making major or permanent changes in color or treatments the day of an event, you might try them out or ease into them in the weeks prior. That way you’ll avoid the shock and awe syndrome that causes panic and throws off all the good vibes you want and expect for holiday happiness. And with so many hair pieces, wigs and accessories on the market nowadays, you might do well to use those for a super special look rather than taking drastic measures with cutting your own hair before you are sure you’ll like it.

Oh, and while it’s already getting tight on time, at least before the year end, make sure to book your appointments for holiday hair styling as far ahead as you can. Everyone else is, or already has. There are always the walk-in salons available, and friends are also often willing to give you their opinions if you want an outside perspective.

Finally, remember that your hair style is only one aspect of your overall look. Your true beauty shines through from inside, based on your level of overall health (or healthy approach to life) and happiness. In short, keep it simple, try anything that you suspect will enhance your life experience during the holidays and beyond, and remember that what seems like a disaster today will surely pass tomorrow. Just keep breathing in joy and breathing out stress.  Or,  why not go find a lovely hat or scarf on sale? It’s not called retail therapy for nothing!

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