Donna Kim-Brand
No Wedding Bell Blues with These Wedding Do’s!

Weddings are supposed to be all about sanctified love, romance and goodwill of family and friends. We know the reality is often accompanied by high stress, conflict and disagreement as the couple, their family and attendees make big decisions and juggle many wants and needs in the preparation process.

The bride is also focused on ‘looking good’ on ‘her day’, which takes a bit of advanced preparation to pull off in the above-mentioned environment. One element she can work out ahead of time to suit her own sense of style, be a fit to her dress and appropriate for the wedding environment is her hair-do. Any style that feels natural, even if it takes some constructing, will ease her jitters and allow her to fully enjoy the festivities, knowing she looks uniquely and captivatingly beautiful. Also, remembering the power of a few deep, long breaths to calm you could be the ticket to allowing you to center yourself and enjoy each special moment as it unfolds, no matter what else is going on around you.

As usual with hair, styles come in short or long, and may include choosing from accessories such as veils, hats, headbands, headpieces, barrettes or jewelry. How fun is that?! You could choose a traditional look or decide to make a statement of your originality with what you choose, knowing the photographs will capture this day forevermore.

Veils are always appropriate, but choose one with a headband that hugs your forehead or scalp. You might go for a gorgeous simple look of placing a single flower behind your ear, or focus instead on an opulent necklace. Weddings seem to bring out the up-do, even on women who don’t normally wear their hair that way. This is a traditional look, designed perhaps to portray the elegance and formality of the occasion, or simply to keep the bride’s hair out of her eyes. But there are many styles which get the job done – a classic tight bun or elongated French roll at the back of the head, a loose chignon at the nape of the neck, or the newest trend in wedding styles called ‘ombe’. This is where the hair is braided in small braids from the forehead along the face line and then those braids are braided together at the back and twisted into a bun – very elegant yet with a bohemian flair. Of course updo’s offer a wide range of possibilities for accessories, from veils to flowers or jewels tucked into the bun, to pulling out flowing tendrils in front of the ears to soften the look.

Whether short or long, curls come in a variety of presentations – tight or loose, whimsically flowing in a tousled beach look, held in place by bejeweled headbands or satin ribbons, or half-hair pulled back loosely or in braids to keep the top hair back from the face while allowing cascades of hair tickling the shoulders and back.

For a vintage look, waves of curls may sleekly frame the bride’s face, and could be enhanced with a 1950’s style pillbox hat or 1940’s minimalist birdcage veil that barely covers her eyes.

For straight hair, short or long, the same looks can apply, bringing drama in hanging loose, perhaps with a crown of flowers or color coordinated headpiece, or side-swept into a loose or tight pony tail decorated with jewels or a flower.

Bangs can be highlighted by being brash along the brows, enhanced by a veil or headpiece, or seductively draped across the forehead and pinned in place by strands of pearls or crystals.

The trick is to have fun ahead of time trying out a range of looks that suit your personal style or statement you want to make as a couple, what works with your dress and the attendants’ and groom’s outfits, and what is appropriate for the wedding and reception environment. Of course sometimes your ethnic or family traditions will dictate a certain look too, so factor that in. If you are planning to be on a windy beach, or live in a rainy climate, choose your hairstyle and accessories accordingly. Whether the temperature is freezing or sweltering, choose with regard to your comfort and ease of care so you won’t have to be fussing during the festivities.

Remember too, you could choose one look for the wedding itself, then appear at your reception in another hairstyle. This could either be just a way to express your unique sense of style, or a way to satisfy both yours and other peoples’ preferences for how you ‘ought to look’ at a wedding. ‘Nuff said.

Ultimately, however you plan, the key is to be fully present in spirit to thoroughly enjoy and remember these special days, the touching moments with your significant other, and the sweet memories shared with family and friends. A hairstyle that allows you to feel beautiful and carefree will go a long way to supporting you in this endeavor. And remember to breathe.

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