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More “facial hair” in this week’s Hairchatter blog post! Enjoy!

Name That Facial Hair!

The common view is that women overshadow men in all things ‘hair’, and that may be true for head-top hair. But hold onto your britches and enjoy the ride with just a smattering of what’s labeled and sported in male facial hair. Here are a smattering of well-recognized beard and moustache varieties, each of which creates a certain ‘look’, style or persona. In no particular order:

·        Chin Curtain or Lincolnic, after Abraham Lincoln- a beard accompanied by a moustache that grows down from the sideburns and along the jaw line, completely covering the chin.

·        Not to be confused with the Chin Strap– a thin beard growing down from the sideburns and framing the underside of the jawline.

·        The Dali– a moustache that curls nearly straight up around the nostrils a la the artist Salvador Dali. Deer-in-headlight-eyes lend authenticity to the look.

·        FuManChu– a thin moustache that extends downward from above the lip on the sides, usually extending off the chin.

·        Ducktail– a fuller beard that extends to a point over the throat area.

·        Hollywoodian– a moustache connected to a beard without sideburns- casual chic look, popular nowadays on the Red carpet.

·        Goatee– a beard worn on the chin like a billy goat, usually not connected to a moustache.

·        Soul Patch-a small fluff of hair under the lower lip not reaching to the chin, popularized by 1960’s beatniks and Howie Mandell.

·        Pencil– a very thin moustache along the upper lip.

·        The Toothbrush- popularized by Charlie Chaplin but ruined as a fashion statement by Hitler, a full rectangular moustache in the center of the upper lip area only under the nose.

·        El Insecto– two strips of hair worn under the chin imitating an insect’s mandibles.

·        Sparrow– a moustache extending down from the corners of the mouth but not connected to a goatee separated into two braids, a la pirate Jack Sparrow.

·        Stubble- otherwise referred to a 5 O’clock Shadow, stubble is any new facial hair growth on the face long enough to be seen between shaves. This look is sometimes referred to as ‘designer stubble’, considered casual chic or plain old disheveled.

So you can see the range of styles and historical reference points available to men who want to escape the daily shave or take on a particular look either for personal identity or professional role.

The reality is, unless you go with purely natural, free-form growth, cultivating beards and moustaches takes time and sculptural know-how that just may equal the time females spend on their hair.

And, whether fair or not, certain styles convey a mood, a viewpoint or statement of identity that can work in your favor or against it. A style may peg a guy in ways he didn’t intend, or alternatively reap him viral publicity and popularity points.

Welcome to the world of facial hair as fashion statement!

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