Donna Kim-Brand

Catwalks these days are graced by the finest in haute couture accented by… admirably unremarkable hair- otherwise considered non-hair, or ‘meh’ hair. Rather than the usual array of dramatic colors, edgy cuts or flamboyant styles, fifty shades of mousy brown hair hang limp, loose and long on many of the models. Many of them even tuck their tresses behind their ears, a look not seen on models since the sixties. Irony number one is that these unremarkable looks are now trending topics.

Irony number two is that this natural look isn’t all that natural, unless it is! It can be pricey and trying of one’s patience to arrange a natural head of long hair to hang straight and flow down your back. Anyone with curls or waves would need a flatiron, textured hair requires a relaxer, and silky flyaway hair may require a texturizer. Layers or fringe need to be grown out or adjusted with extensions.

This apparent backlash is against coloring, processing, years of peroxide poisoning and over-styling which have wreaked havoc on hair quality.  It seems the trend, for now, is to restore one’s hair back to health and vitality.

There’s also a movement towards less fussy, apparently effortless looks, referred to by some as ‘stylized apathy’. The look which is ‘no look’ in an attempt to appear easy-breezy-on-the-go, actually takes some styling. But the effect, especially coupled with high fashion, is simplicity, elegance and the sophistication of restraint. A kind of natural sexiness exudes from this pure approach to hair as understated fashion.

Should the effort be all too much for you, or unavailable due to hair loss, find yourself a great alternative hair option or hairpiece. I hear mousy brown is all the rage these days!

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