Donna Kim-Brand

‘Love is in the Hair!’
OK. Call me a romantic. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, and Valentine’s Day is in my birth month. But my favorite sensuous movie scene is from a now classic film, ‘Out of Africa’. Not only are the themes of freedom vs. ownership and progress vs. protection sweeping, but Robert Redford has some of the best male lines in a movie and Meryl Streep demonstrates both grit and femininity. Anyway, here it is… He finally gets her on a rough and tumble hunting safari during which she gets hot,  dirty and gnarled hair from all the dust and tromping through the wilderness.  He offers to wash her hair, with her sitting along a running river. As he shampoos and lathers, he recites a seductive poem, then languorously pours a pitcher of fresh water over her head and hair to rinse out both the dirt and her tensions. She relaxes into ecstasy, and you just know he will now get the girl. OMG!

The closest I’ve come to that is in a beauty salon when the shampoo girl massages my scalp or the stylist is blow drying my finished style. Pretty sensuous in the most innocent of ways. You’ve had that experience too, haven’t you? It simply feels great as we surrender to the moment, and is one reason we let someone else touch our otherwise ‘off-limits’ head and hair.
What is it about hair and sensuality?

We often refer to a woman’s hair as her crowning glory. Whether short or long, and even bald, the hair and head reveal the secrets of a woman’s health, vitality and femininity.  In some cultures and religions, long tresses signal a single, available woman, untouched by another.  In some cultures, women are required to cover their head so as not to catch the eye of a man. Some are not allowed to cut their hair until after marriage.

Hair, or even how a woman tosses her head, gives up her inner sense of confidence, flirtatiousness and plain old ‘attitude’. How a woman’s hair bounces against her back when walking seems to animate some kind of ‘sexy gene’ for men and women alike.  Why? Because the real revelation is in the spring in her step, which alerts as to her level of vivaciousness, confidence and joie de vivre. That’s attractive! How the light catches her locks or shines off her scalp garners looks and is highly seductive. Why? Because subliminally it tells the world, “I am healthy and happy, so look at me”!

A woman’s femininity exudes more on ‘good hair days’ than on ‘bad hair days’, because she feels at ease in her own skin, knowing that her head and hair flash signs of ‘come hither’. They say, “I take good care of myself, and you should take good care of me too.” I’m sure you have moments of recognition with other women, even in passing briefly along a busy sidewalk, where you just notice and connect with others who are also ‘in the know’ in this way.

And then, here’s the real icing on the cake. Your aroma, your signature scent that wafts on waves of air from your head and hair, tantalizing any who cross your path. Maybe it comes from product, so choose ones that match you, but it can also ooze from your pores naturally by dint of happy, healthy and clean living. Ooh la la, baby!

Whether you sport curly or straight hair, short or long hair, sculpted or natural styles,  a thinning or bare scalp, the real secret is in loving and honoring yourself as what I call a ‘Masterpiece in the Making’ and being grateful for your singular experience of being alive.  Then hold your head up high.

The wonderful irony in such self-cherishing is that it attracts positive attention and could just lead you to meet or continuously entice the person of your dreams. Now that’s what I call win-win!

Happy Valentine’s Day from your Hair Chatter family.

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