Donna Kim-Brand

‘In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb’

Is there any truth to this old saying, referring to nasty, wintry weather at the beginning of the month of March giving way to gentle, spring-like weather by the end of the month?

By the law of averages, yes, given that we officially move from winter season on March 21 to spring season. And, simply due to timing, chances are the weather in many parts of the globe will be nicer at the end of the month. At least that is the hope after riding out a long, tough winter. But, sadly, there is no reliable meteorological basis to this old folk belief.

However, there is an astrological basis, as the constellations of Leo (the lion) in the eastern horizon is rising in early March, while Aries the Ram (lamb) in the western sky is preparing to disappear over the horizon by the end of March. How cool is that? In a time when people paid more attention on a daily basis to nature since it affected their livelihood, this idiom made perfect sense.

How often do we take on beliefs that, while they have some basis in truth, frankly, are taken out of context and thus distorted. For example, how often do you believe you are suffering a ‘bad hair day’, when no one else notices? Or that having a ‘bad hair day’ will taint your reputation and ruin your future? Of course, here’s where context comes in, and hope.

We know when our hair just doesn’t cooperate in ways that feel natural or good to us. We wake up looking like that lion, our tresses helter-skelter in a wild frenzy. No matter how we brush and wet our locks, they rebel. While others may not notice, or even care, we do. It matters to us. And sometimes when it does make a difference how our hair looks and behaves, we have to take drastic measures by changing up our style.

I remember when Princess Diana visited New York years ago and appeared in public one evening with a sleek, wet-look style that became all the rage in England for its daring novelty. Little did the masses know that she just hadn’t had time after a visit to the gym to blow-dry it in usual princess fashion. So, she unwittingly became a trendsetter instead!

Here are a few simple styles to rein in our wayward locks on lion-like Bad Hair Days:

  • Sideways braid- straight and tight, loose and romantic or elegant French plaited across the back of your head
  • Top-knot- with or without accessory
  • Back ponytail or bun- off the face, tight and sleek or loose and playful
  • Use gel or mousse to give structure to otherwise unruly hair, short or long

You’ll feel more like a lamb when you style your lion-like hair. And that gives hope that not only have you overcome the trauma of a Bad Hair Day, but you just might turn a few heads your way with your new look!

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