If your eyes are the window to your soul, wouldn’t you want to frame them beautifully? Essentially, that’s what eyelashes do- they frame and enhance our eyes in a way that completes a normal and healthy human look. In fact, isn’t it interesting that we only pay attention to eyelashes on ourselves or others when they are either minimalist to absent or luxuriously full and attractively long. In either case, we can’t help but stare, with an almost magnetic pull to figure out what is so different and alluring about that person.

The cosmetics industry has made a fortune in mascara and falsies- ones for your lashes, what were you thinking? You can choose from a variety of mascaras in different colors, glitters, waterproof or washable, separating lashes or fusing them together, top or bottom lash mascaras, tools for installing false eyelashes or keeping the mascara from spotting under your eyes until dry. You can even glue on eyelashes one at a time, or apply eyelash extensions. All this in a costly attempt to appear more naturally healthy, beautiful or downright sexy.

And now, relatively new to the market, are eyelash enhancers. These are products, some available by prescription and others now available over-the-counter, that purport to regrow, thicken and lengthen your lashes. Enhancer is a serum that stimulates keratin production at a cellular level, thus aiding growth of thicker, fuller lashes when applied daily at the base of the eyelid. The trick is to look for an enhancer which is high in Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (MP-17), the active ingredient, which is an amino acid chain that stimulates growth and thickening of lashes during the 30-45 day anagen phase of eyelash growth. The MP-17 delivers sustenance, like fertilizer, directly to the hair follicle for enhanced growth at this early stage.

Generally, within 2 weeks you can begin to see new growth, and by 4 to 6 weeks you may have a rich, full set of eyelashes worthy of notice and compliments. One suggestion is to take photos of yourself at the beginning, and every few weeks as you are applying the treatment, in order to chart your results. As with most treatments of this sort, there are no guarantees, in part due to the vagaries of human physiology and in part due to the ingredient mix in each eyelash enhancer product. You have to choose carefully, as product efficacy varies.

Hopefully, you will not be one to suffer any possible side effects which include unwanted hair growth, redness and puffiness around the eyes and discoloration of the skin and iris. And if you have suffered from Melanoma, check with your doctor or dermatologist before using products of this sort. Apparently the evil ingredient to create these side effects is prostaglandin, so look for a formula which has ‘prostaglandin-free’ on the label.

A Consumer Guide Top Pick in 2013 was City Lash, which was highest in MP-17 while also being one of the most reasonable in cost, around $80 a tube, which can last several months. Other products on the market range up to $125/tube and contain lower doses of MP-17. This is simple reporting from the Consumer Guide, not a product endorsement, since I haven’t tried the product, though I am now tempted to having learned about eyelash enhancers.

It appears that since eyelashes, like all body hair, are replaced every 30-45 days, you must keep using the eyelash enhancer to keep getting the results. The cost may be offset in part by not having to use as much or any mascara or false eyelashes anymore. Here are some more benefits… Satisfied users report new-found confidence, especially when not wearing makeup, a sexiness brought out by how others respond to their new look and good results when applying the eyelash enhancer on their eyebrows as well as their lashes .

So, in your attempt to take less time to look natural, eyelash enhancers might be one handy new addition to your arsenal of tools.

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