More on “Heavenly Head Massage” from Donna Kim-Brand

You can also try using oils, either store bought Moroccan or Argyle oils or natural essential oils added to a base like almond or olive oil. To stimulate your scalp, try geranium, grapefruit or lemon-grass oil while to relax try rose or chamomile oil. To reduce dandruff or heal mild sores, try lavender or tea-tree oil. And to stimulate hair growth some recommend peppermint or rosemary oil. With all oils, your hair itself will also be moisturized.

Along with using the same movements mentioned above to massage, you can also use a detangling brush to pull the oils right from your scalp to the tips of your tresses. If you bend over and brush your hair downward, you will also get the benefit of increased circulation and more oxygen to your brain.

Now wrap a warm towel around your hair and let the oils permeate both your scalp and your hair. Why not chill out and relax yourself for ten minutes or so? Or even leave the oil to soak in all night.  It may take two shampoos and rinses to get excess oils out, but why not use this as a second or third chance to massage your scalp in the process?

Engage in this routine once a month, or once a week in dry season, and imagine how pampered you will feel without all the expense of a spa!

One final note. I don’t know about you, but I have fallen for a little device I discovered while hanging around in an airport.  It’s a series of flexible metal prongs held together by a handle. You or your significant other place the whisk on top of your head, then pulsate the mini massager up and down, causing the prongs to slide along your scalp, tickling your skin. OMG- sheer delight!

Whichever approach you prefer, take care of your hair, head and the body attached to them with heavenly massages. In all reality, they are just a deluxe and mindful approach to the shampoo motions you engage in anyway. Ahhh, I can feel the relief just thinking about it!

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