Donna Kim-Brand
Gratitude and Happy Hair

Happy Thanksgiving! We at Hair Chatter are so grateful for your readership and for you sharing of your hair-related expertise with your clients far and wide. We also recognize that the depth of benefits you provide your clients goes far beyond handling their hair or hair loss. You give to your clients in ways beyond them being happy about their tresses.

You might have noticed I play often with words and their meanings. Allow me to point out the obvious- that the North American holiday (celebrated in October in Canada and November in the USA) is made up of 2 words- Thanks and Giving.

While you probably already have your own family or community traditions, may I invite you to consider engaging in both aspects- that of being thankful and giving
in nature, as were the Pilgrims and Native Americans, at least eventually.

According to the lore, the holiday was created at harvest time to celebrate both the crops which grew and survived the tough times and killer weather as well as to mark the gaping cross-cultural divide which had been bridged. Each gave to the other as they knew how, enhancing aspects of life and bounty for both groups, despite earlier fears and difficulties.

I overheard a conversation yesterday of a Caucasian teacher saying she had recently apologized to a Native American person for the historical wrongs done to them across the Americas. From our current perspective, we shudder to imagine how groups of humans can treat each other so horribly. And yet, aren’t we still at it, all around the world? The process of human evolution takes time, and thank goodness for evolved people who lead the way to treating each other in more humane ways.

The reality is, any one of us can start right here, right now, treating all others we encounter with more kindness, gratitude and generosity. It’s not something we try out just on a holiday, rather, it is a life orientation, in my humble opinion.

During my career teaching at a university, I would often invite international students to join our extended family for holidays such as Thanksgiving, both so they could experience this unique tradition, but also so they wouldn’t be alone when the rest of the country virtually shut down for the day (or extended weekend). For me it became a bit tricky, as one of my single brothers didn’t like what he saw as a few strangers crashing our family event. I understood, for sure, and didn’t want to leave him out, but also had the heart to extend our thanks and giving beyond our family boundary. In the end, I had to rig the agenda and transportation to include the students for dinner and some games, while also leaving time exclusively for the family.

Why not expand your traditional repertoire of Thanksgiving activities to make sure you enjoy and share both ‘thanks’ and ‘giving’ in your unique ways? Then we’d be delighted to hear how you celebrated by sharing in the comments below.

Wishing you blessings of abundance and a Happy Thanksgiving from our Hair Chatter team!

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