Donna Kim-Brand

Fashions are unveiled seasons ahead, and pick up steam to become a current trend. Here’s the scoop on Spring trends. After a year of detail and fussiness, the look is decidedly simple and made-to-look-natural.

Go for lightly flushed skin tones, as if right out of yoga class, not a rigorous P90X workout. Top off your radiant glow with a spray of rose water, imbued with essence of rose which leaves your skin taut and beautiful. I happen to love this treatment as I love subtle rose scent, and don’t even mind if I taste a few drops that land on my lips.

Nails for 2015 are also subtle, creamy pale, or what’s called ‘negative-space’, where you leave most of the nail naked and paint on either a single vertical stripe or half-circle from the top or bottom of your nail. Wild colors are fine for this minimalist look. It’s nail art reinvented to still be dramatic yet in simpler fashion than in previous years.

Eyes are made to pop with inky-black positioned in one of several ways: top lid only with retro cat eye tails to the side, tight-lining top and bottom lids with liquid black for heightened drama day or night, or outer top and bottom lids lined in bold black with inner lids in lighter color to create a wide-eyed look. Plum is a hot color as eye shadow, made to look either light and springy for daytime or deep and sultry for evening.

Lips, on the contrary, are back to bright reds, modern orange-tinged reds or bright corals.

As for hair, the bobs of last season are still popular, or growing out to mid-length, with or without fringe. Practical, low-maintenance styles and a casual look are the order of the day. That’s a relief to me since my hair seems to have a mind of its own!

One particular look of note is the textured  ‘air-dry’ look, either because hair is actually dried naturally without a blow-drier or made to look as such. One approach is to style hair sleekly, then mist the ends and let them dry and ruffle naturally. Another is to mist hair from middle to the ends, add mousse and create a few braids, which are undone when dry to create lower hair ripples. You could also add texturizer all over your hair, then pin up and dry by diffuser or over time by air. When released, you have a tousled look that says nature-blown or soft waves a la surfer girl.

A similar trend is the ‘coming-undone’ style, whether hair is in a slung back ponytail with messy loop, messy braids or front hair pulled out nonchalantly. Even a quick tease of crown hair pulled back with apparent ease in a half-up style is meant to look like it was done on the fly without professional help.

As ever, braids of all styles are a red-carpet favorite and even big fringe (bangs) are all the rage again as they work with all hair lengths and can also be brushed back when desired. On casual days you can twist your braid into a bun and add a headband or headscarf that screams ‘easy chic’.

So that’s the 2015 Spring trend scoop: easy does it for low maintenance practicality in your hair styling and overall look. That leaves you plenty of time to go out and enjoy yourself!

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