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A Girl’s Best Friends – Brushes and Combs

Donna Kim-Brand   Growing up, I only ever had one neon plastic brush, shared with my sister and mother…and I only used a comb to get a clean part. Nowadays, there are brushes of all shapes and sizes of handles and heads, made out of any number of materials, natural and synthetic. And then there […]

Heavenly Head Massage II

More on “Heavenly Head Massage” from Donna Kim-Brand You can also try using oils, either store bought Moroccan or Argyle oils or natural essential oils added to a base like almond or olive oil. To stimulate your scalp, try geranium, grapefruit or lemon-grass oil while to relax try rose or chamomile oil. To reduce dandruff […]

Heavenly Head Massage!

Donna Kim-Brand We tend to be very selective about who we allow to touch our head and hair. Of course, different cultures have different notions of what constitutes personal space – how close is too close, and what degree of stroking our hair or head is allowable or appropriate unless you are a hair stylist, […]

August 19 / 2014

Back to School – Avoiding Head Lice

Donna Kim-Brand If you wanted to insult someone, you’d get the job done by calling them a louse or a parasite. And you’d avoid them like the plague. Well, one of the scourges of returning to school is close encounters with communities of louses, known as lice, tiny insects which cause highly contagious infestations in […]

Everyone into the pool – Avoiding Pool Water Hair Disasters

Donna Kim-Brand Everyone into the pool – Avoiding Pool Water Hair Disasters We know we should be careful to protect our hair, scalp and skin from sun damage in the height of summer. So we use hats, sunscreen and moisturizers. That’s all good. But we can undermine all this effort if we fail to take […]

July 29 / 2014

Cruise Control Hair Styles

Donna Kim-Brand Cruise Control Hair Styles! Cruises are the ultimate in travel adventures and extremes- casual by day and elegant by night, styles for relaxed fun or professional sleekness, wet looks seaside or poolside and dry looks for portside excursions and on-deck activities, a need for tropical protection or arctic cool, and always windy. What’s […]

Hairy Issues in Men’s Hair Care

Donna Kim-Brand Hairy Issues in Men’s Haircare We often speak of ‘healthy hair’, which actually refers to the body’s general state of health that shows up in one’s hair, for better or worse. For men (and women alike), good hair care starts with both a healthy body and a good haircut, with a style that […]

Handsome and Mansome

Donna Kim-Brand Handsome and Mansome – Men, Grooming and Hair Men have historically been short-shrifted compared to women when it comes to discussions and treatments about hair and grooming. And yet, one distinct advantage males have over females is almost universally being considered sexy with either a full head of hair or a shaved or […]

Hair-brained or Hare-Brained Conflict Resolution?

Donna Kim-Brand Have you ever been accused of having a hair-brained scheme? Or is that a hare-brained scheme? No one seems quite sure which way to spell this odd word, even though they understand the gist of what it means. And that it’s usually meant in less than kindly terms. It means ‘foolish’, ‘devoid of […]

May 27 / 2014

Smokin’ Hot Hair

Donna Kim-Brand May 2014 We who hang out at Hair Chatter are interested in hair in a multitude of ways: things like how it looks and feels, what causes hair loss and what to do when we or our clients or friends face hair loss, what tools or accessories are useful in hair care, and […]