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Gratitude and Happy Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Gratitude and Happy Hair Happy Thanksgiving! We at Hair Chatter are so grateful for your readership and for you sharing of your hair-related expertise with your clients far and wide. We also recognize that the depth of benefits you provide your clients goes far beyond handling their hair or hair loss. You give […]

November 25 / 2014

Mary Beck, Mountain Climber

Mary Beck- Age 6, Mountain-Climber Donna Kim-Brand When we want to wax lyrical about life, we often use imagery of nature: the sunshine of happiness, the storms of life, peaks and valleys of experience, rivers of fortune, tree trunks both strong yet flexible, rainbows of good luck… And we talk about the days of our […]

October 07 / 2014

Wigs for Kids

Donna Kim-Brand ‘Wigs for Kids, a Vision of Loveliness ‘ Hair is part of our identity, so imagine how a child’s self image could be shaken if they suffer from hair loss. Not only from possible fear of the unknowns surrounding their hair loss, or worse if the knowns include cancer or major trauma, but […]