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The mystique of bridal veils

Donna Kim-Brand The Mystique of Bridal Veils Wedding season is upon us and today we wanted to explore at Hairchatter a crown of glory other than hair – the bridal veil that is. Nowadays, bridal veils are considered part of the traditional wedding outfit, along with gown, shoes and bouquet. Styles abound based on tradition, […]

Brow Loss Broohaha

Donna Kim-Brand Brow Loss  Broohaha One day, an artist friend offered to permanently dye my eyebrows to gain more definition (of my face, not just my brows).  I was flabbergasted…and resitent. After a lifetime of minimal make-up use or personal primping, I finally took the time to actually look in the mirror at myself and […]

How to tame your mane

Top 7 Hair Frizz Factors and How to Tame Your Mane Donna Kim-Brand We say April showers bring May flowers, but what they could also bring is relief from dry, static-y, fly-away, frizzy hair. Frizzy hair is the bane of those who seek naturally cooperative hair that looks like you actually made effort to style […]

Hair Summer Maintenance (part II)

Donna Kim-Brand Internal Factors- ·        Nutrition– What we eat and drink can definitely show up in how shiny and vibrant our hair is. In other words, what’s good (or bad) for our bodies tends to be good (or bad) for our hair. So why not make better nutritional choices and add vitamins or supplements as […]

Meh Head Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Catwalks these days are graced by the finest in haute couture accented by… admirably unremarkable hair- otherwise considered non-hair, or ‘meh’ hair. Rather than the usual array of dramatic colors, edgy cuts or flamboyant styles, fifty shades of mousy brown hair hang limp, loose and long on many of the models. Many of […]

April 14 / 2015

Name that facial hair

Donna Kim-Brand More “facial hair” in this week’s Hairchatter blog post! Enjoy! Name That Facial Hair! The common view is that women overshadow men in all things ‘hair’, and that may be true for head-top hair. But hold onto your britches and enjoy the ride with just a smattering of what’s labeled and sported in […]

Beards – Women tend to love ’em or hate ’em

Donna Kim-Brand Beards – Women Tend to Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em The famous line about the month of March, “in like a lion out like a lamb”, somehow makes me think of hair flying in the wind… and in this case, men’s facial hair. That’s why in the next two Hairchatter blog posts, we […]

March 17 / 2015
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Chic Chicks 2015

Donna Kim-Brand Fashions are unveiled seasons ahead, and pick up steam to become a current trend. Here’s the scoop on Spring trends. After a year of detail and fussiness, the look is decidedly simple and made-to-look-natural. Go for lightly flushed skin tones, as if right out of yoga class, not a rigorous P90X workout. Top […]

January 20 / 2015

Why bother with New Year’s Resolutions II

Donna Kim-Brand Since it’s still early in the New Year, perhaps you and others are still seeking to set a definitive direction and key goals that will increase your chances of feeling successful in 2015. There are numerous ways to achieve this. One we are discussing is to discover WHY you do what you do […]

Why bother with New Year’s Resolutions I

Donna Kim-Brand Most of us wake up each day and roll into our daily routine- from exercise to showering to breakfast and heading to work, whether in our home office or hitting the road for the commute. Most people don’t give much thought to it, as our routine has become our habit. This unconscious approach […]

January 07 / 2015