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Chic Chicks 2015

Donna Kim-Brand Fashions are unveiled seasons ahead, and pick up steam to become a current trend. Here’s the scoop on Spring trends. After a year of detail and fussiness, the look is decidedly simple and made-to-look-natural. Go for lightly flushed skin tones, as if right out of yoga class, not a rigorous P90X workout. Top […]

January 20 / 2015

Avoiding Hairy-Scary Holiday Conflicts

Donna Kim-Brand Avoiding Hairy-Scary Holiday Conflicts, part 2 Secondly, you take a stance of ‘Assumed Positive Intent’ from the other person or situation. What this means is, rather than leaping defensively to putting your dukes up and fighting back meanly when someone says something you could take as an insult or criticism, you assume they […]

December 30 / 2014

Avoiding Hairy-Scary Holiday Conflicts

Donna Kim-Brand Avoiding Hairy-Scary Holiday Conflicts (part 1) You know the experience of your hair ‘standing on end’, especially on your arms or at the back of your neck, when something on some level resonates with you deeply or perhaps frightens you? It’s a signal to pay attention and take those words or that situation […]

Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends

Donna Kim-Brand Still looking for holiday hair inspiration? Look no further – here is part 2 of “Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends” Party Time Styles- ·        Hair down and dazzling with a shiny sheen, make a side part.  From the part down on each side, make a thin French braid that acts as a […]

Sparkling Originality with Holiday Hair Trends (part 1)

Donna Kim-Brand Sparking Originality with Holiday Hair Trends Here’s the rub…  Most of us want to be trendy, leading the pack with what’s new and ‘hot’. But we don’t always easily embrace change. On top of that, if everyone follows a trend then does that just make us a copycat? Well, have no fear. Just […]

December 09 / 2014

Preventing Holiday Haircut Disasters

Donna Kim-Brand While I’m the first to encourage, even cajole, someone into trying something new and creative with their ‘look’ during the festive season, there’s a way to do it that mitigates against holiday hair disasters. Start with a good haircut, and that starts with a good stylist. Here’s the thing- regardless of how expensive […]

Gratitude and Happy Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Gratitude and Happy Hair Happy Thanksgiving! We at Hair Chatter are so grateful for your readership and for you sharing of your hair-related expertise with your clients far and wide. We also recognize that the depth of benefits you provide your clients goes far beyond handling their hair or hair loss. You give […]

November 25 / 2014

Halloween Hair

Halloween Hair: Creepy, Classy or Cool? Donna Kim-Brand Did you know that Halloween is the number 1, favorite adult party holiday in the United States? Yes, I said ADULT! What’s going on here? It could very well be delayed maturity kicking in, for sure, but there could actually be something else going on too. And […]

Mary Beck, Mountain Climber

Mary Beck- Age 6, Mountain-Climber Donna Kim-Brand When we want to wax lyrical about life, we often use imagery of nature: the sunshine of happiness, the storms of life, peaks and valleys of experience, rivers of fortune, tree trunks both strong yet flexible, rainbows of good luck… And we talk about the days of our […]

October 07 / 2014

Win or Lose by a Hair

Donna Kim-Brand What does it mean to win, or lose, for that matter, ‘by a hair’? It means to claim victory by a sliver, a fraction, a tiny amount or ever so slight an advantage. The sad thing for many is that, history only tends to remember the first place winner of any event, not […]

February 25 / 2014
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