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“Loose and Easy” – Runway Autumn Style Preview

Donna Kim-Brand As is the way the fashion world tends to work, what shows up in pre-season runway shows is a preview of the styles to come, in clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. So let’s take a peek at what hair is rockin’ the runway for fall season. Go Low- Gravity is winning out there, as […]

Waiter, there’s a hair in my soup!

Donna Kim-Brand How would you react if you found a hair in your food while dining out? Ask for a refund for that item or for the meal to be free? Order a replacement and continue with your dining experience? Blame the waiter or pay an angry visit to the kitchen? Make a scene and […]

September 08 / 2015
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Back to School Hair Styles

Donna Kim-Brand Quick and Easy Back to School Hairstyles for Long Hair Your best bet is to start with clean and healthy hair, no matter what the style. But sometimes you have to dash from one activity to another;  informal to more formal or sweaty gym hair to presentable classroom hair. Or maybe you just […]

September 01 / 2015

Hair Color and Your Health

Donna Kim-Brand Hair Color and Your Health When my young children and I moved to a new town years ago, a rather boorish ‘player’ type of guy decided he’d try to attract my attention. My kids didn’t like his pushy style, so when he said he loved redheads because he had a 10 year old […]

Shaving tips for women

Donna Kim-Brand Summer Shaving Tips for Women Summer time, and the livin’ is easy; or so the old song goes. It fails to take into account how much maintenance is required for women to keep up a sleek ‘natural look’ in the summer. Three main body areas tend to be the shaving focus for women […]

July 21 / 2015

Preventing ‘Wicked Witch of the Summer’ Head and Hair

Preventing ‘Wicked Witch of the Summer’ Head and Hair Anyone living through hot summers with high sun is at risk. You know what I mean; parched, limp, flyaway, straw-like hair from too much exposure to sun, sand, salt water, sweat and swimming pool chlorine. Or nasty sunburn on scalps with little or no hair. Either […]

Prom Hair Highlights

Donna Kim-Brand Prom Hair Highlights Unless you are a dancer, debutante, or played dress-up, your first formal dress-up event where hair plays a big role just might be your school prom. As I recall from years past, the trick is to look like you made effort while also feeling comfortable. After all, part of the […]

June 30 / 2015

The mystique of bridal veils

Donna Kim-Brand The Mystique of Bridal Veils Wedding season is upon us and today we wanted to explore at Hairchatter a crown of glory other than hair – the bridal veil that is. Nowadays, bridal veils are considered part of the traditional wedding outfit, along with gown, shoes and bouquet. Styles abound based on tradition, […]

Hippity Hop Hats

Donna Kim-Brand We finally escaped Groundhog Day and are well on our way into the full bloom of springtime. Along with garden flowers and cherry blossoms that burst onto the scene, so also do ladies’ hats. There are hat etiquette pointers, traditions and protocols to get aligned with, and special events to which wearing a […]

April 07 / 2015
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The Energy of Appreciation

Donna Kim-Brand The Energy of Appreciation By the time March rolls around, many are tired of winter with the endless cold and dreary days, shoveling out from under snow or, if you live in a sunny climate, the endless flow of visitors escaping the freezing north by camping out at your house! It’s time to […]

March 03 / 2015
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