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Name that facial hair

Donna Kim-Brand More “facial hair” in this week’s Hairchatter blog post! Enjoy! Name That Facial Hair! The common view is that women overshadow men in all things ‘hair’, and that may be true for head-top hair. But hold onto your britches and enjoy the ride with just a smattering of what’s labeled and sported in […]

Chic Chicks 2015

Donna Kim-Brand Fashions are unveiled seasons ahead, and pick up steam to become a current trend. Here’s the scoop on Spring trends. After a year of detail and fussiness, the look is decidedly simple and made-to-look-natural. Go for lightly flushed skin tones, as if right out of yoga class, not a rigorous P90X workout. Top […]

January 20 / 2015

Why bother with New Year’s Resolutions II

Donna Kim-Brand Since it’s still early in the New Year, perhaps you and others are still seeking to set a definitive direction and key goals that will increase your chances of feeling successful in 2015. There are numerous ways to achieve this. One we are discussing is to discover WHY you do what you do […]

50 shades of premature gray

50 Shades of Premature Gray Donna Kim-Brand November 2014 I’m sure you know the phrase ‘the autumn of your years’ and just maybe you’ve heard of the lyrical piano piece ‘Autumn Leaves’ with rills which capture the feel of swirling fall foliage. They evoke a scent of maturation and a sense of ‘winding down’ perhaps, […]

Graying at the Temples of Wisdom

Donna Kim-Brand Have you noticed? There’s an emerging trend towards ‘Gray-pride’- leaving the hair color of old behind and allowing one’s natural gray to come out of the closet. The jury is still out, but as the age-wave ripples forward, there has been a tipping toward embracing going gray over the hassles, expense and unnatural […]

Men in Buns

Donna Kim-Brand Men in Buns Summertime conjures up many images- surf, sand, free-spiritedness, fashion freedom, sun, fun, and hair in buns! Let’s especially consider MEN in buns, as this appears to be a popular trend the last few years. Do you feel an immediate shift to a sense of ooh-la-la? What’s that all about? We […]

July 22 / 2014