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Dealing with Hair Loss Before Chemotherapy

Donna Kim-Brand In the last post we looked at general hair loss issues and psychology when faced with the prospect of chemotherapy treatment. As mentioned, in most cases your hair will grow back within about three to six months after stopping treatment. So what we want to look at today is how you can set […]

Hair Summer Maintenance (part II)

Donna Kim-Brand Internal Factors- ·        Nutrition– What we eat and drink can definitely show up in how shiny and vibrant our hair is. In other words, what’s good (or bad) for our bodies tends to be good (or bad) for our hair. So why not make better nutritional choices and add vitamins or supplements as […]

Seasonal Hair Loss

Donna Kim-Brand Seasonal Hair Loss Did you know that humans have around 100,000 hair follicles and tend to shed approximately 60-100 hairs every day due to the normal hair loss cycle that allots each strand a 4 year life span? (Don’t you wonder who sits around and counts these hairs?!) About 10 % of hair […]

A Feast of Essential Hair Oils

A Feast of Essential Hair Oils (part 3) Donna Kim Brand I introduced you to a variety of hair oils which could address a range of issues you may be facing with your hair, from split ends to frizz, to fungal issues on your scalp to reviving damaged tresses. Or, you may simply want silky […]


Glabrousness: Giving Smoothies a Whole New Meaning Donna Kim-Brand Glabrousness is defined as the technical term for an anatomically atypical lack of hair, either from natural causes,  due to a physical condition such as ‘alopecia universalis’, or by artificial means of hair removal such as plucking, waxing, shaving or depilation. On the human body, glabrous […]

October 21 / 2014

Hair Restoration and Transplant Options

Donna Kim-Brand Hair loss is caused by several factors, among them physical and emotional stress, aging, reaction to medications, hormonal fluctuations, thyroid deficiencies and skin infections.  And then there’s Androgenic Alopecia (male pattern baldness) which accounts for 95% of thinning hair in men due to follicular sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). While baldness tends to be […]

Sweat and Hair Loss

Donna Kim-Brand Sweat and Hair Loss Think sweat and some of you will gag and gasp, thinking of wet, sticky and smelly bodies. Others love the notion of sweat, thinking of detox, cleansing and cooling bodies which have exerted themselves on a path to perfection. Have you ever thought of sweat in relation to hair […]

Causes for Hair Loss 3

And here it is, the final installment of Donna Kim-Brand’s series on “Common Causes for Hair Loss”: Auto-Immune Disease & Lupus There has recently been an increase in alopecia areata, hair loss caused by variety of auto-immune conditions. When your immune system is triggered by a condition such as lupus, it reacts with over-zealous protection […]

Causes for Hair Loss 1

Hello dear Reader, With this week’s post we are starting a three-part series about the common causes of hair loss, researched and written by our HairChatter Blogger Donna Kim-Brand. There are many reasons why our crown of glory can be waning and we hope the information will shed some light on this topic for you. This […]

Children with Hair loss

Donna Kim-Brand ‘Common Causes of Hair Loss in Children’ Hair loss can be devastating for anyone. But when it occurs in children, as it does for 3% of children who show up in pediatricians’ offices, the issue can affect whole families and their communities.  The good news is that most varieties of hair loss in […]