Donna Kim-Brand

Quick and Easy Back to School Hairstyles for Long Hair

Your best bet is to start with clean and healthy hair, no matter what the style. But sometimes you have to dash from one activity to another;  informal to more formal or sweaty gym hair to presentable classroom hair. Or maybe you just stayed up too late studying and don’t have much time in the morning to fuss with your manic mane. Here are a range of style ideas to try out, all quick and easy.

  • Bedhead side braid- all hair hanging down, with one small braid down one side. To keep hair out of your eyes braid on the side with more hair and include bangs if long enough.
  • Side ponytail- simply gather your hair in an elastic band or split your hair above the elastic band and flip all your hair through one time to dress up the look.
  • Faux Fish tail side ponytail- same as above, but every 2-3 inches add another elastic band and flip the hair through 3 or 4 times down the length of your hair. Messy chic!
  • Side Pony Tail, place an elastic band  2-3 inches from first one, puff hair out like a bubble, place another elastic 3-4 times down the length of your hair for Bubble Hair (Remember Jasmine, from Aladdin?).
  • Let your clean, shiny tresses hang freely, either straight, slick & sophisticated, funky with chalk coloring to the front strands, or full and bouncy (with mousse or volumizer).
  • Cute or funky stretchy cloth headband (tuck bangs or leave them out) with freeflow hair down the back or a pony tail to the back or side.
  • A half-hair style with two sides of your hair pulled back and literally tied into a double knot at the nape of your neck then all hair gatehred into a pony tail- quite dressy.
  • Lightly tease the top of your hair for volume, then pull side hair to the back and twist into a girlie knot and secure with an elastic band.  It will adorns the back of your head with the rest of your hair hanging freely.
  • Two small messy boho side braids with bangs tucked in if they are long enough, the pull those braids to the rear and bobby-pin at the back, out of your face.
  • Divide hair into 3 sections & braid (2 sides & back hair)- pull to the rear and twist into braid-a-bun at the nape of your neck and pin it up. Looks elegant and dressy all tucked in or leave ends spritzing out for a more casual look.
  • Divide hair into 3 sections & braid (2 sides & back hair)- now pull the braids up over the crown of your head and pin. The style looks like a braided headband and makes you want to yodel. (Haven’t you heard the Heidi story?)
  • Divide side hair in front of your ears into top and bottom- one section at a time, twist and pull them to the back then use 2 bobby pins criss-crossed to hold each bunch of hair in place. You’ll end up with 8 pins in 4 sections across the back of your head. Quite attractive if you pin with precision.
  • Brush your hair upside down to add volume, then as you stand upright, pull into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Before putting an elastic band on it, start twirling your hair, then twisting the twirled strands into a bun. Now apply a single strand elastic band over the top of the knot of hair. Poof out hair in the topknot and top of your head so it’s not too tight. Your knot will be a little floppy. If you prefer a sturdier topknot, use a wider stretchy headband instead of the skinny elastic to secure your hair.
  • Use a curling iron and create long loose curls turned back away from your face. Brush out for soft waves or let the individual curls hang down; very sweet and feminine.
  • For a ‘next day’ do, take the above style with long curls from yesterday and add a stretchy headband slung across the top of your hair from the top of your head to the nape of your neck. Criss-cross bobby pins behind your ears to hold the headband in place. Take front hair and pull it backwards over the band, then tuck under the headband, and either leave back hair down or continue to tuck the rest of your hair up and over the headband in loose sweeps. Your updo will look boho, casual chic.

Wow! That’s fifteen quick and easy back to school looks that will provide you or your daughter with a variety of styles in a few minutes! Practice ahead of time if you want to, but each style is quite simple with just basic accessories required; a stretchy headband, bobby pins and elastic bands. No more pulling your hair out or wasting time trying to decide what to do, so you have time to eat a healthy breakfast before dashing out for another great day at school!

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