Autumn Hair Color Trends

Donna Kim-Brand    November 2014

Autumn seems to bring out elements of sweet and spicy in hair color as well as in November holidays. So gear up for a seasonal range of fall hair fashion on the color catwalk.

Remember that coloring goes on top of your own hair, unless you’re using wigs or hairpieces. Either way, a great place to start to assure dazzling color is with making sure your own locks are healthy and shiny as possible, as is your overall self. Good nutrition, plenty of fresh water, regular exercise and sufficient sleep along with good brushing or stimulating head massages provide a firm foundation to show off your new hair color.

Highlighting is a way to subtly introduce color to your existing look. Using a hair shade 2-3 levels lighter than your normal color is how to ease into coloring in such a way that people will notice something different about your look, but won’t be able to pinpoint just what it is.

Style your hair as you usually do and separate out a few clusters of hair to highlight. Make sure the highlights are on the outer, visible layers of hair instead of hidden underneath. When your hair dries to reveal a layer of color tones, you’ll probably also notice an extra spring in your step. Sweet

Moving to bolder shades, the ‘in’ colors this season are rich hues of deep spicy auburn and cocoa brown. In fact, these colors are so rich they are a step beyond looking natural. Not grotesque, just edgy. They give off the feel of you owning your hair and your look – you can almost smell the cinnamon or chocolate!

The key with these deep shades is to assure all-over-even coloring. If it takes more than one box or treatment of color, either due to hair length or to set color depth, bring it on. If you are recoloring, one tip is to dab color on your roots first and add color to the rest of your hair half-way through your color time. You’ll avoid color building up to a darker shade on the ends. If needed, trim your ends.

So go ahead, get yourself into the holiday spirit with trying out a new look with your hair color this autumn. If it suits your style, why not match a scent of the season with aroma therapy oils, lotion or perfume? Whether sweet and subtle or spicy and bold, you’ll be a knockout!

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