Donna Kim-Brand April 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I’ve been called a Pollyanna much of my life, for always looking for the good in every situation, the silver lining in every cloud. What I though was a virtue is sometimes treated by others as a weakness or failing on my part for not being realistic enough, or too idealistic. Or simply not joining the crowd in their dismal moaning about a dastardly situation, which makes me the ‘odd one out’.

What I know that they apparently don’t, is that life tends to head us in the direction we keep our mental focus. So I prefer a positive road to hoe. That does not mean I have to dismiss a less than positive reality as a starting point. I just try not to get stuck there. When you face issues of grief, pain or true difficulty, of course you treat any emergency and share empathy. Time and timing matters in a response. This is not just a superficial way to avoid going deep. On the contrary. Secondly, I am a value creator. In other words, I know how to turn most anything into something that becomes useful, like spinning straw into gold as in the Rumplestiltskin tale. It’s partly a matter of attitude, partly a matter of where you put your creative focus and partly knowing which creativity tools to use to come up with ideas. The easiest tool is just to generate alternatives, each of which could be a solution to the issue you are focusing on.

So when many parts of the globe face the onslaught of heavy springtime rains, or continued snows this year, we might want to become BMW’s, as they say in England (B*tchers, Moaners & Whiners). Some of these complaints are legitimate- ‘enough already’ is right! But, unless you can do something specific about it, like prevent flooding, chopping more wood for the fireplace or hopping on an escape flight to the Caribbean, it might help to look at what positives just might come out of these April showers.

Like May flowers! Like meeting neighbors who come together to help each other out, trade stories and share scarce resources. Like finding out there are programs that fund firewood supplies in your area. Like changing laws or policies that allow building in dangerous flood plains. Like pulling an old rain poncho or quilt out of storage that brings back memories of your youth. Like watching how children who otherwise have their noses stuck in electronic devices suddenly show up to play outdoors, running and laughing and making new friends. And like hearing from far-away friends or family as they ask after your well-being, when you had no idea you were on their radar.

As long as we are talking about showers, I’ll slip in that one cause of hair loss is, believe it or not, taking too many showers – or at least washing your hair too often. How so?

On one side, washing your hair actually keeps your scalp clear from infections that could cause hair loss and free from oils that may obstruct hair growth. But TOO frequent washing, especially with harsh shampoos, can weaken your hair, as it would any other fiber. The bigger problems, however, tend to lie in the actions we take along with showering.

One is too vigorous towel drying or wrapping your head tightly in the towel after a shower, which can cause breakage or literally pull the hairs out of your head. Even the towel might cause friction against your hair cuticle with its rough surface, and is worth changing if this is the case. So, simply take the time to pat your hair dry, and do it with a softer absorbent cloth. Also, just generally be more gentle with yourself. Why not slow down a tad, and pamper yourself the way you’d expect to be treated at an expensive spa? Take a few deep breaths, think happy or grateful thoughts, and meanwhile your hair is getting drier.

Another suggestion is to avoid brushing wet hair if possible, or at least use a wide tooth comb or brush with wide spaced bristles on hair that has been conditioned to remove tangles.

Simple stuff, I know. But then again, so is shifting our focus onto what might be good about something. Like those May flowers nurtured unseen by those April showers.

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