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Consider Cold Caps to Save Hair During Chemo (Part 2)

Donna Kim-Brand Once you and your medical advisors have determined chemo will be part of your treatment plan, there are several simple actions you can take immediately to minimize hair loss, even before (or without ) Cold Cap sessions. · Avoid pulling your hair back tightly in ponytails or buns, as these styles yank at […]

April 28 / 2015

Consider Cold Caps to Save Hair During Chemo

Donna Kim-Brand National Public Radio (NPR) had a feature recently on an approach to minimizing hair loss during chemotherapy that has been available in Europe for over 20 years but is still relatively rare in the United States. It is Cold Cap Therapy, which has been successful for over 80% of users and would be […]

April 21 / 2015

Meh Head Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Catwalks these days are graced by the finest in haute couture accented by… admirably unremarkable hair- otherwise considered non-hair, or ‘meh’ hair. Rather than the usual array of dramatic colors, edgy cuts or flamboyant styles, fifty shades of mousy brown hair hang limp, loose and long on many of the models. Many of […]

April 14 / 2015

Hippity Hop Hats

Donna Kim-Brand We finally escaped Groundhog Day and are well on our way into the full bloom of springtime. Along with garden flowers and cherry blossoms that burst onto the scene, so also do ladies’ hats. There are hat etiquette pointers, traditions and protocols to get aligned with, and special events to which wearing a […]

April 07 / 2015
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