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A Feast of Essential Hair Oils

A Feast of Essential Hair Oils (part 3) Donna Kim Brand I introduced you to a variety of hair oils which could address a range of issues you may be facing with your hair, from split ends to frizz, to fungal issues on your scalp to reviving damaged tresses. Or, you may simply want silky […]

Love is in the H-Air

Donna Kim-Brand Statistics show that in countries where Valentine’s Day is celebrated, the custom is to demonstrate your love (or else 53 % of women would end the relationship…) by sending cards- a female thing, buying flowers- a guy thing, and by-the-way red roses, please, chocolates, or romantic dinner outings. The average spend is nearly […]

A Feast of Hair Oils (Part II)

Donna Kim-Brand The feast continues! Last post we explored a few of the popular hair oils on the market for restoring damaged hair or scalp and supporting hair growth. Treatments range from intensive and perhaps expensive to relatively inexpensive and maintenance mode by inclusion with other hair products. I’ll start with some everyday oils you […]

February 03 / 2015