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Gratitude and Happy Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Gratitude and Happy Hair Happy Thanksgiving! We at Hair Chatter are so grateful for your readership and for you sharing of your hair-related expertise with your clients far and wide. We also recognize that the depth of benefits you provide your clients goes far beyond handling their hair or hair loss. You give […]

November 25 / 2014

Autumn hair color trends

Autumn Hair Color Trends Donna Kim-Brand    November 2014 Autumn seems to bring out elements of sweet and spicy in hair color as well as in November holidays. So gear up for a seasonal range of fall hair fashion on the color catwalk. Remember that coloring goes on top of your own hair, unless you’re using […]

50 shades of premature gray

50 Shades of Premature Gray Donna Kim-Brand November 2014 I’m sure you know the phrase ‘the autumn of your years’ and just maybe you’ve heard of the lyrical piano piece ‘Autumn Leaves’ with rills which capture the feel of swirling fall foliage. They evoke a scent of maturation and a sense of ‘winding down’ perhaps, […]


Lip Service- Flaunting Facial Hair for Men’s Health by Donna Kim-Brand In case you’ve been noticing a surge this month in men sporting designer stubble, or plain old scruffy facial hair, they could have lost their razors, or they just might be taking part in the ‘Movember’ movement. This is the annual awareness and fundraising […]

November 04 / 2014