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Halloween Hair

Halloween Hair: Creepy, Classy or Cool? Donna Kim-Brand Did you know that Halloween is the number 1, favorite adult party holiday in the United States? Yes, I said ADULT! What’s going on here? It could very well be delayed maturity kicking in, for sure, but there could actually be something else going on too. And […]


Glabrousness: Giving Smoothies a Whole New Meaning Donna Kim-Brand Glabrousness is defined as the technical term for an anatomically atypical lack of hair, either from natural causes,  due to a physical condition such as ‘alopecia universalis’, or by artificial means of hair removal such as plucking, waxing, shaving or depilation. On the human body, glabrous […]

October 21 / 2014

Spotlight on Roughty-Tufty Nose and Ear Hair

Spotlight on Roughty-Tufty Nose and Ear Hair Donna Kim-Brandt We take hidden hairs, like those inhabiting our nose and ears, mostly for granted. They are out of sight and out of mind, until they become either inflamed or overgrown. Nose and ear hair actually both serve the same purpose, that of filtering out dust, pathogens, […]

Mary Beck, Mountain Climber

Mary Beck- Age 6, Mountain-Climber Donna Kim-Brand When we want to wax lyrical about life, we often use imagery of nature: the sunshine of happiness, the storms of life, peaks and valleys of experience, rivers of fortune, tree trunks both strong yet flexible, rainbows of good luck… And we talk about the days of our […]

October 07 / 2014