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Gluten as a Cause of Hair Loss

Donna Kim-Brand September 2014 We are more influenced by the memes- key ideas- of our age- that are introduced through regular media bombardment than we like to admit. One of the biggies on the scene for the past few years which is now picking up steam is a ‘gluten-free’ diet. Cutting out gluten was originally […]

Graying at the Temples of Wisdom

Donna Kim-Brand Have you noticed? There’s an emerging trend towards ‘Gray-pride’- leaving the hair color of old behind and allowing one’s natural gray to come out of the closet. The jury is still out, but as the age-wave ripples forward, there has been a tipping toward embracing going gray over the hassles, expense and unnatural […]

Hair Restoration and Transplant Options

Donna Kim-Brand Hair loss is caused by several factors, among them physical and emotional stress, aging, reaction to medications, hormonal fluctuations, thyroid deficiencies and skin infections.  And then there’s Androgenic Alopecia (male pattern baldness) which accounts for 95% of thinning hair in men due to follicular sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). While baldness tends to be […]

Science or Science Fiction? The hairy Connection between Harvest Moon and Werewolves

Donna Kim-Brand    If you listen carefully in the dark of night, you may hear the wolves howling in the distance, as the annual Harvest Moon is upon us this year on September 8th in the Americas or September 9th in Asia. Ancient peoples, who lived and worked outdoors more than most of us do nowadays, […]

September 09 / 2014
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A Girl’s Best Friends – Brushes and Combs

Donna Kim-Brand   Growing up, I only ever had one neon plastic brush, shared with my sister and mother…and I only used a comb to get a clean part. Nowadays, there are brushes of all shapes and sizes of handles and heads, made out of any number of materials, natural and synthetic. And then there […]