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Heavenly Head Massage II

More on “Heavenly Head Massage” from Donna Kim-Brand You can also try using oils, either store bought Moroccan or Argyle oils or natural essential oils added to a base like almond or olive oil. To stimulate your scalp, try geranium, grapefruit or lemon-grass oil while to relax try rose or chamomile oil. To reduce dandruff […]

Heavenly Head Massage!

Donna Kim-Brand We tend to be very selective about who we allow to touch our head and hair. Of course, different cultures have different notions of what constitutes personal space – how close is too close, and what degree of stroking our hair or head is allowable or appropriate unless you are a hair stylist, […]

August 19 / 2014

Back to School – Avoiding Head Lice

Donna Kim-Brand If you wanted to insult someone, you’d get the job done by calling them a louse or a parasite. And you’d avoid them like the plague. Well, one of the scourges of returning to school is close encounters with communities of louses, known as lice, tiny insects which cause highly contagious infestations in […]

Lazy Hazy Summer Hair Do’s

Donna Kim-Brand   You’ve surely heard the phrase or the song (we who can hum the tune do date ourselves!) “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”. It’s rich with the flavor of wacky fun, languishing moments and steamy heat. Now by heat I could mean summer romance, but I’m actually referring here to how your hair […]

August 05 / 2014