Archive: July 2014

Everyone into the pool – Avoiding Pool Water Hair Disasters

Donna Kim-Brand Everyone into the pool – Avoiding Pool Water Hair Disasters We know we should be careful to protect our hair, scalp and skin from sun damage in the height of summer. So we use hats, sunscreen and moisturizers. That’s all good. But we can undermine all this effort if we fail to take […]

July 29 / 2014

Men in Buns

Donna Kim-Brand Men in Buns Summertime conjures up many images- surf, sand, free-spiritedness, fashion freedom, sun, fun, and hair in buns! Let’s especially consider MEN in buns, as this appears to be a popular trend the last few years. Do you feel an immediate shift to a sense of ooh-la-la? What’s that all about? We […]

July 22 / 2014

Sweat and Hair Loss

Donna Kim-Brand Sweat and Hair Loss Think sweat and some of you will gag and gasp, thinking of wet, sticky and smelly bodies. Others love the notion of sweat, thinking of detox, cleansing and cooling bodies which have exerted themselves on a path to perfection. Have you ever thought of sweat in relation to hair […]

Summer Make-Over: Starring Your Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Summer Makeover, Starring Your Hair! Summer break, holiday or vacation provides for many, a few weeks or months when you don’t see your regular crowd. It’s a perfect time to jumpstart a makeover in various aspects of your life by learning new skills, a la ‘Baby’ in Dirty Dancing, by shifting your persona, […]

July 08 / 2014

Chalk it Up!

Donna Kim-Brand Not Just for Kids: Chalk Up Your Hair for Summer Fun! Just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes a fun new trend in hair expression- Chalking! It’s a super way to add temporary color to your tresses, either all over your head by dip-dying or with wisps of color highlights here […]

July 01 / 2014