Archive: June 2014

Cruise Control Hair Styles

Donna Kim-Brand Cruise Control Hair Styles! Cruises are the ultimate in travel adventures and extremes- casual by day and elegant by night, styles for relaxed fun or professional sleekness, wet looks seaside or poolside and dry looks for portside excursions and on-deck activities, a need for tropical protection or arctic cool, and always windy. What’s […]

Hairy Issues in Men’s Hair Care

Donna Kim-Brand Hairy Issues in Men’s Haircare We often speak of ‘healthy hair’, which actually refers to the body’s general state of health that shows up in one’s hair, for better or worse. For men (and women alike), good hair care starts with both a healthy body and a good haircut, with a style that […]

Handsome and Mansome

Donna Kim-Brand Handsome and Mansome – Men, Grooming and Hair Men have historically been short-shrifted compared to women when it comes to discussions and treatments about hair and grooming. And yet, one distinct advantage males have over females is almost universally being considered sexy with either a full head of hair or a shaved or […]

Sizzling Summer Scarf Styles – With or Without Hair

Donna Kim-Brand Sizzling Summer Scarf Styles – With or Without Hair Scarves epitomize classiness, style and vintage glamor on actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Scarlett Johansson. Why is it my children tell me I look like either the ‘washer woman of Loxahatchee’ or ‘the flying nun’ when I attempt to dress my head with a […]