Archive: May 2014

Hair-brained or Hare-Brained Conflict Resolution?

Donna Kim-Brand Have you ever been accused of having a hair-brained scheme? Or is that a hare-brained scheme? No one seems quite sure which way to spell this odd word, even though they understand the gist of what it means. And that it’s usually meant in less than kindly terms. It means ‘foolish’, ‘devoid of […]

May 27 / 2014

Smokin’ Hot Hair

Donna Kim-Brand May 2014 We who hang out at Hair Chatter are interested in hair in a multitude of ways: things like how it looks and feels, what causes hair loss and what to do when we or our clients or friends face hair loss, what tools or accessories are useful in hair care, and […]

No Wedding Bell Blues with these Wedding Do’s!

Donna Kim-Brand No Wedding Bell Blues with These Wedding Do’s! Weddings are supposed to be all about sanctified love, romance and goodwill of family and friends. We know the reality is often accompanied by high stress, conflict and disagreement as the couple, their family and attendees make big decisions and juggle many wants and needs […]

May 13 / 2014

Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

If your eyes are the window to your soul, wouldn’t you want to frame them beautifully? Essentially, that’s what eyelashes do- they frame and enhance our eyes in a way that completes a normal and healthy human look. In fact, isn’t it interesting that we only pay attention to eyelashes on ourselves or others when […]