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Causes for Hair Loss 2

Here it comes – part 2 of our series “Common Causes of Hair Loss” by Donna Kim-Brand. Pregnancy, Female Hormones and Anemia While strands of hair may begin to show up in your shower while pregnant, the bulk of hair loss takes place in the 3-6 months following the trauma of  birth when a woman’s […]

Causes for Hair Loss 1

Hello dear Reader, With this week’s post we are starting a three-part series about the common causes of hair loss, researched and written by our HairChatter Blogger Donna Kim-Brand. There are many reasons why our crown of glory can be waning and we hope the information will shed some light on this topic for you. This […]

Lion Lamb

Donna Kim-Brand ‘In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb’ Is there any truth to this old saying, referring to nasty, wintry weather at the beginning of the month of March giving way to gentle, spring-like weather by the end of the month? By the law of averages, yes, given that we officially move from […]

The Big Deal about Big Hair

Donna Kim-Brand What’s the big deal with big, bouffant hairdos?  Why all the allure when, underneath the tower of volume and smooth veneer, we know often lies hidden a veritable rats nest of teased strands that surely lead to more split ends? Let’s consider…short gamine do’s a la early Audrey Hepburn make us think ‘cute’ […]

March 04 / 2014