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Win or Lose by a Hair

Donna Kim-Brand What does it mean to win, or lose, for that matter, ‘by a hair’? It means to claim victory by a sliver, a fraction, a tiny amount or ever so slight an advantage. The sad thing for many is that, history only tends to remember the first place winner of any event, not […]

February 25 / 2014
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Replenishing Winter Hair

Donna Kim-Brand For most people, winter wreaks havoc on their tresses. Between frequent temperature changes from warm to cold both indoors and outdoors along with exposure to sunlight and freezing winds, regular hair care just doesn’t cut it. Your hair can end up looking flat and lifeless or frizzy and fly-away. Neither is flattering! And […]

Love is in the Hair

Donna Kim-Brand ‘Love is in the Hair!’ OK. Call me a romantic. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, and Valentine’s Day is in my birth month. But my favorite sensuous movie scene is from a now classic film, ‘Out of Africa’. Not only are the themes of freedom vs. ownership and progress vs. protection sweeping, […]

February 11 / 2014

Wigs for Kids

Donna Kim-Brand ‘Wigs for Kids, a Vision of Loveliness ‘ Hair is part of our identity, so imagine how a child’s self image could be shaken if they suffer from hair loss. Not only from possible fear of the unknowns surrounding their hair loss, or worse if the knowns include cancer or major trauma, but […]