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Children with Hair loss

Donna Kim-Brand ‘Common Causes of Hair Loss in Children’ Hair loss can be devastating for anyone. But when it occurs in children, as it does for 3% of children who show up in pediatricians’ offices, the issue can affect whole families and their communities.  The good news is that most varieties of hair loss in […]

Hair Loss and Melanoma

My father, an avid weekend golfer, died of a melanoma that grew undetected on the back of his head, hidden by his thick black hair. Who knew? Certainly not him, despite seeming he sometimes did have eyes in the back of his head. And several decades ago, hair loss professionals, barbers and hairdressers were not […]

Words to the Wise (part 2)

Words to the Wise – Yes, that’s YOU! Part 2 5. Humility – being humble doesn’t mean false groveling or feigned weakness, but coming from a perspective of gratitude, caring and service because you recognize we all share a common humanity. You can both shine your light and be humble at the same time when you […]

January 14 / 2014

Words to the Wise (part 1)

Words to the Wise – Yes, That’s You! Here we are together on an informative blog called Hair Chatter. Chatter we do, and how fun it is! Yet this is the time of year when we start out with new resolutions and New Year merriment. When we consider how the year 2013 has gone and […]

January 07 / 2014
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